Ukrainians believe that bezviz will help to find work in EU – survey

41% of Ukrainians participants are ready to permanently leave the country for a new job abroad, 38% – would like to have foreign work experience and return. 16% are sure that can be realized as professionals in their home country. This is according to the survey conducted by the portal

The ability bezveza to explore with a potential employer (e.g. in the interview) ready to use 41% of survey participants. Another 31% admitted that they have been actively looking for jobs abroad, and 28% reported not planning to work abroad and prior to the introduction bizwise.

The majority of respondents know that the introduction of a visa-free regime does not give the right to work abroad. But 6% said that bezviz is not only an opportunity to see the world without the hassle with embassies and visa, but also a chance to be employed by a foreign employer.

The vast majority believe that bezviz unlikely to increase the interest to the Ukrainians by foreign employers, as for work still need a visa. But 45% believe that the abolition of the visa regime will simplify the procedure “experience” with the prospective employer.

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Only 19% believe that domestic employers, realizing the potential threat bezveza will begin to actively fight for specialists. And four times larger number of respondents believe that Ukrainian companies are not accustomed to value human resources.

Recall, for the first month a visa-free regime (as of 11 July), about 100 thousand people have used it to advantage during travel to Europe.