Scientists have identified the dangerous vegan diet

Scientists have identified the dangerous type of vegetarian diet what they’re told after an extensive twenty years of research. Among the volunteers were several tens of thousands of women and men who previously had health problems, reports the “Orthodox”.

The claimed group of subjects were fed three types of diets, one of which was the use of plant and animal food, and the other two were vegetarian, but with differences. One of these diets allowed to consume unsweetened berries and fruits, unprocessed grains, vegetables, as well as tea and coffee, and the other allowed fried potatoes, grain after processing, sweets and drinks with sweeteners.

As it turned out, the first and third groups were in the area of risk, and the level of deterioration of cardiovascular health in volunteers increased. Meanwhile, the adherents of the second type of diet that was also vegetarian, their health could boast.

The experts noted that some types of vegetarians do risk their health when combine some types of products in the type of food. As a result of research, it became clear that the consumption of processed grains with sweet drinks can damage your health and put people at risk of heart disease.