From the Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain discovered a brain tumor

The Senator-Republican John McCain (Arizona) discovered a brain tumor, said Wednesday his support team. While it remains unclear the question of when he will return to Washington to resume his work in the Senate and can he even do that. According to information from the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic), the doctors discovered he had a tumor called a glioblastoma (glioblastoma), and it happened last week after surgery to remove a blood clot on his left eye. According to received from the hospital information, the Senator and his family are currently considering treatment options, including combination chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

80-year-old McCain was absent from the Senate this week and was recovering after surgery. In addition, the doctors at the clinic have conducted relevant research. The published members of his office’s statement said that Senator McCain is “in good spirits”. It also notes that, according to doctors, his health, overall, “excellent”, but so far nothing has been said about the time of his return to the Senate.

Glioblastoma is an aggressive type of brain tumor, and, as a rule, predictions with this cancer disease are disappointing. Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts) lived only 15 months after in 2008, he was diagnosed with the same tumor. According to the doctors of McCain, “of concern” tissue was removed during surgery to remove the resulting blood clot.

The value of McCain in the Senate cannot be overestimated, and his absence, however long it may be, will have an impact on the entire Capitol. Due to the lack of the Senator from Arizona Senate majority leader, Republican Senator from Kentucky Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) — and indirectly President trump, who recently openly ridiculed the Senator from Arizona remains with 51 votes, which is the minor majority in that moment, when the Republicans themselves divided on such issues as health care, taxes and defense spending.

In addition, the absence McCain would deprive the Senate of moral conscience on many key issues, especially in connection with the ongoing investigation of possible participation of members of the electoral headquarters of the trump in the Russian interference in the election campaign of 2016.

Colleagues from both parties responded quickly to the message about the health of McCain — they saw it with sadness and tried to support him. Trump expressed confidence that McCain “quickly recovered”, and also said that the Senator from Arizona is “fighter”. Former presidents Barack Obama and bill Clinton in their tweets sent to the Senator McCain good wishes.

McConnell said, “I know he will meet this challenge with the same extraordinary courage which characterizes his entire life. The whole family of the Senate by their prayers support John, Cindy and family, staff and residents of Arizona, which he so well represents.”

“We hope soon again to see this American hero,” he added.

McCain was captured during the Vietnam war; twice he was a candidate. The Senator from Arizona is known that he openly expresses his opinion and seeks to counter the Orthodox wing of the Republican party. Along with Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham (Lindsey O. Graham) is perhaps his closest friend in the Senate — McCain was one of the main critics of trump from the Republicans, especially on foreign policy and national security. The Republican Senator from North Dakota John Hoeven (John Hoeven) said that the news about the diagnosis of McCain was declared during a meeting of Republican senators with staff of the White house about the bill on health care. According to Havana, this news is all “it did, and nobody wanted to believe it.”

“It was a very emotional moment,’ said Hoeven. — I think for all of us McCain is a special person.” Senator Graham was also present at this meeting and he talked about the fact that he talked to McCain, who, in his words, “manifests the firmness and determination”.

“He said, “I have a little longer here to linger and treat it, but I’ll be back. He said: “I went through something worse, and then we started talking about health care and the appropriations bill for the national defense,” said Graham.

McCain decisively supports the team of trump, dealing with issues of national security with particular respect he refers to the Minister of defense of Jim Mattis, as well as national security adviser Herbert McMaster. However, McCain criticized the President for what he is during the election campaign promised to strengthen the country’s defense, but now, in his opinion, does not provide sufficient funds to complete this task.

McCain also criticizes the apparent favorable attitude of the tramp toward Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. He warns that Russia is the enemy and that she should not be trusted. McCain was one of the first Republicans expressed their support for the Senate investigation of Russian relations during the elections.

“John McCain has always been a warrior. This is its essence, — said the speaker of the house Paul Ryan (Republican from Wisconsin). I’m sure John will struggle, demonstrating the very power of the will, which causes the admiration of the whole nation. All of us — not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans support it. The entire House of representatives sends its prayers to Senator McCain and his family.”

In their formal positions, McCain is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on armed forces, but McConnell after the second involvement of McCain in the presidential race in 2008, had instructed him to speak on behalf of Republican senators during the discussion of all matters of national security.

However, the credibility of McCain — ranging from respect for him as a person who suffered torture in Vietnam, to his condemnation of trump as a candidate and as President — recognized by many, regardless of party affiliation. He is an icon, revered as the Democrats and Republicans.

Almost all of the important bipartisan deals over the last 15 years have been concluded with the support of McCain — on issues such as immigration, prohibition of torture and the internal rules of the Senate.

Democrats are lining up to go abroad on a business trip together with McCain because foreign leaders refer to him as Prime Minister, and, as a rule, it provides the same meeting as the Secretary. His fight with fellow senators have already become legendary as his ability to make deals.

“Sad news,” tweeted democratic Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy (Chris Murphy). In his words, he “traveled the world” with McCain and “learned a lot from him”. And Murphy added: “there’s no One like him on the rigidity of positions.”

In a written statement posted on Twitter, McCain’s daughter Meghan said that the news of the illness of the father “affected all of us, all family member McCain”. According to her, they “are anxious about what will happen next,” and with this situation they have previously encountered. McCain was early detected melanoma is a dangerous form of skin cancer.

“Not surprising that the most relaxed and most confident person in this situation is my father. He is the strongest person among the people I know. Even the most cruel enemy is not able to break him” — she finished.

The lack of McCain will complicate the fate of adopted each year by the appropriation Act for national defense, and this is very important legislation, and McCain played a major role in carrying it through Congress after 2015, he became the head of the Senate Committee on armed forces.

As such, McCain has made a name for himself, trying to force the contractors to account for the delays in project implementation. In addition, he conducted an audit of the procurement process. He insisted on increasing investment to improve the quality and availability of equipment and training, and advocated an increase in military presence of the United States abroad, especially in such hot spots as Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, he paid unprecedented attention to improving the country’s ability to protect themselves from cyber threats and hacker attacks.

McCain strongly criticized Obama’s understanding of national security and accused him that he compromised national security by concluding a nuclear deal with Iran and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iran. However, McCain was ready to work with the President on the issue of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay. These efforts ultimately proved futile.

McCain missing this week in the Senate, and it comes at a time when Republican leaders have great difficulty trying to reach agreement about their proposals for revising health care Reform. The leaders of the party intended to hold a vote on this bill, but on Saturday evening they were forced to postpone it when they learned that McCain will recover after surgery to remove a blood clot.

On Monday, McConnell refused to vote when it became clear that he would not support this bill even if they will attend McCain. McCain himself is skeptical about the intention of the Republican party to “repeal and replace” the plan. It remains unclear whether the vote he ever in support of this initiative.

According to the American Association of experts in the field of brain tumors (American Brain Tumor Association), about 12,400 new cases diagnosed glioblastoma is expected in 2017. This is the most common type of malignant brain tumor, which often appears in older people than younger people.

Matthias Geldhof (Matthias Holdhoff), associate Professor of the Center for comprehensive cancer behalf of the Sidney Kimmel (Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins) at Johns Hopkins University believes that the first step after diagnosis should be surgical removal of glioblastoma, if possible. However, to do this can be difficult because the tumor penetrates the tissues — “it’s more like a network than on a lump”.

“It’s not just that it’s cancer, but where that growth is and what impact it has on the patient,” said Frederick W. Smith (Frederick Smith), the oncologist from the city of Chevy chase, Maryland. A blood clot above the eye may indicate that the tumor is in the anterior frontal lobe of the brain that controls, among other things, cognitive function, he said. Speaking about the patients with this diagnosis, he noted that “they may normally feel in a few months or even years.” However, according to him, they never fully recover.

In this article took part lenny Bernstein (Lenny Bernstein), Laurie Maccini (Laurie McGinley), Kelsey Snel (Kelsey Snell), Lena (Lena H. Sun) and ed O’keefe (Ed O’keefe).