Adversity can be the key to happiness

Social media feeds are filled with heroes, embodied dreams, portraits of perfect families, endless beaches, the cocktails, the feet of the pools. You’re lying on the couch with a bag of chips and a smartphone in the dumps. However, the fact is – the feeling of unending happiness is not only overrated, but is unattainable, writes

Gene Clark, a psychotherapist in Click for Therapy, says: the constant expectation of happiness is a habit. A person’s mood is constantly changing. We all have UPS and downs accompanied by a wide range of emotions. In anticipation of never-ending happiness, we incorrectly interpret other emotions. As a result, feel bad and nobody cares if you’re sad, angry or upset. In fact, to go through difficulties, it is necessary to take all possible emotions.

Furthermore, it is unlikely that all around us are happy as it seems. Studies show that about 60% of people report that unhappy in the relationship, and social media foster disappointment and dissatisfaction.

A strip of white, strip of black, remember? Colors of life do alternate and for good reason. That’s why to experience sadness or discomfort helpful. Running head: every second of pain turns into a more healthy body and improved mental state.

Sadness and gloom similar to the pain of a man trying to stand on a broken leg. With sadness or confusion, our brain is trying to tell us about the lost balance, emotional suffering. It is clear that it takes time for healing.

So, the first step is acknowledging the problem. The second assessment of the situation. What to do: ask for help, talk to a friend to seek professional support?
When the sadness and helplessness engulfs you contact the therapist. It will help you to assess mental health. Don’t aggravate the problem. Symptoms of depression you will learn from, but they can not cope.

On the other hand, if you upset your job, but you feel happy in other aspects of life, it can be a catalyst for attempts to reveal what causes these feelings.

The key to satisfaction and happiness is acceptance. Acceptance of self, acceptance of what is happening in our lives, acceptance of others. In addition, the constant desire to have everything not as it is now is a sure way to make yourself miserable, because we get hung up on how perfect could be life in another place, with other people and work, not noticing the beautiful, what is under his nose.

The deal will help the introspection. When we feel unhappy we need to ask ourselves the question “why is this happening” and to assess their emotions. Some people write down feelings in a special journal, others just share them with loved ones. Once you get to the main reasons why you feel that way, it will become much easier to affect your mood.

Phillip Adcock, a psychologist and author of “Master Your Brain” recommends to play the game “Why? Why? Why?” In it you ask yourself why you are feeling unhappy, what led to this. You need to continue until, until you reach to the root cause of your unhappiness. In the end, adversity can be the key to happiness.

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