Russian dacha: why the US will not return to Moscow and confiscated depresident

The closer to Russia the date for presidential elections, the critical issue is to reach agreement with America. Ideally for Moscow to achieve at least partial lifting of sanctions. But while Russia will not return Crimea and we will not leave the Donbass, neither the EU nor US sanctions will not be canceled. In parallel, Moscow is trying to negotiate with Washington about the return of confiscated in December last year, the Russian residences in new York and Maryland. But last week the talks Deputy foreign Minister Ryabkov and us assistant Secretary of state Shannon, the state Department on this issue ended inconclusively. Russia threatens sanctions mirror, but it is unlikely they will enter, as it can push Congress to pass a bill that will toughen anti-Russian sanctions, which this time will affect the “Nord stream-2”.

Information about the meeting of U.S. Deputy Secretary of state Thomas Shannon, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov appeared a month ago and originally was to be held on 23 June in St. Petersburg, but at the last moment it was canceled at the initiative of the Russian. Then American media has published a new rapprochement of the USA with Russia by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who foresaw the possibility of returning confiscated Russian ziprasidone in exchange for concessions from Moscow, for example, on Syria.

Diplomatic missions in new York and Maryland, was arrested by the decision of the Obama Administration in December last year, saying that they were used for reconnaissance, sending Washington and the San Francisco 35 Russian diplomats.

To this day it is the only sanctions imposed by States for Russia’s intervention in the presidential election. Moscow responded did not resort to the mirror measures in the hope that with the arrival of Donald trump, the White house rhetoric is going to change. But on June 20 the U.S. Department of Treasury has tightened sanctions against the Russian physical and legal entities involved in the illegal annexation of Crimea and war in Donbas. And the Senate passed a bill that will toughen sanctions against Russia. This became the main reason for the cancellation of the meeting Shannon and Ryabkov in St. Petersburg.

On the date of the new meeting was announced after the first talks Donald trump and Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg. In the Kremlin it was made a big bet, quoting statement of Deputy White house Sebastian Slides that Russia can hope for the return of arrested ziprasidone in exchange for a ceasefire in Syria. However, according to the analyst of the Institute of world politics Nicholas Belenkova, “star roller Coaster came back in April 2017 and, despite the security of tenure it is, in fact, was suspended and stripped of the security clearance, plus it does not go to the meetings where something is truly resolved”. In Moscow, the statement Slides called blackmail, but at a meeting with Shannon 17 Jul Ryabtsev did go.

The talks in the state Department behind closed doors lasted a little over two hours. On leaving the building the diplomats waited for the journalists. Thomas Shannon refused to answer questions from the press, and Sergei Ryabkov, according to CNN, a reporter’s question about whether it was possible to reach agreements on the return of the residences, said: “almost, Almost”. The State Department has described the interview as “tough, cautious and candid”. The Russian foreign Ministry criticized the Americans that they are even more driven and without that a difficult situation, but expressed hope that the negotiations will continue, though when is unclear.

At least in Russia and threaten sanctions mirror – arrest of American diplomatic missions in Russia and the expulsion of us diplomats is to proceed from words to deeds not in a hurry. Donald Trump unilateral return of arrested Russian dachas in new York and Maryland without mutual concessions from the Russian side may turn out the next big scandal. Moreover, it will untie the hands of the House of representatives to pass a bill on Iran with the amendment on sanctions against Russia, which is on Capitol hill believe an adequate response to Moscow for its intervention in the elections.

“Today” already wrote that the bill prohibits American companies and natural persons to enter into financial transactions with Russian banks in more than 14 days; investments in the amount of $10 million, if the money will go to the privatization of state-owned enterprises in Russia; the provision, export or re-export of goods, services and technologies that enhance exploration and production of deepwater and Arctic offshore, and shale projects (Hello “Nord stream-2 – Ed.). But, most importantly, the bill prohibits Trump without the consent of Congress to ease or lift the sanctions against Russia. This amendment opposes the White house, insisting on its abolition. In addition, according to “Republicans” controlling Congress, the House of representatives can’t pass a bill because it violates constitutional requirements. The fact that the law that affects state revenues shall originate in the house of representatives, not the Senate.

In fact, according to some senators, the constitutional requirement to which the appeal “Republicans”, are not binding and the bill can be taken. Recently in a project for the Iran amendment on Russia, us lawmakers have proposed sanctions against North Korea. Western analysts believe that behind this lies an attempt to prolong the project approval process that Congress never managed to pass it before the August break. Although, according to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs Bob Corker, the chances of its adoption in July are quite large, so that in August a bill could be on the table from Donald trump, waiting for signatures.

And here the most interesting. By signing the bill, the tramp will forever negate the possibility of rapprochement with Russia, initiating a new round of confrontation. But a presidential veto would only add fuel to the fire, tossing trump’s critics on Capitol hill, another reason for the accusations of links with the Russian.

The Ukrainian question: Kiev is the current state of Affairs in Washington. In fact, the new Administration trump “squeezed” from all sides, leaving no room for manoeuvre. It is worth mentioning that a couple of months ago reputable us media excitedly wrote that trump is seriously considering the possibility of a partial lifting of anti-Russian sanctions. Now, as we see this issue on the agenda is not worth it at all.

“Sanctions were not discussed at the meeting with President Putin (at the G20 summit – Ed.). Nothing is done (sanctions will not be cancelled – Ed.) while the problems in Ukraine and Syria are not resolved,” – wrote Donald trump in his Twitter.

Sanctions were not discussed at my meeting with President Putin. Nothing will be done until the Ukrainian & Syrian problems are solved!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 9, 2017

A stumbling block in Washington remains the possibility of providing Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons. “Today” already wrote that is supported by the Committee on armed services the Senate appropriations bill for the national defense in 2018 provides for the granting Ukraine lethal weapons, and the allocation of $500 million to fight Pro-Russian militants.

“I support providing Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons, and the U.S. Department of defense is actively pursuing this issue at the interagency level,” said the General military-air forces of the USA Paul Selva at hearings on his confirmation in the post of Vice Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces of the United States.

But, as during the Administration of Barack Obama, the decision is up to the White house. “I heard that this (decision support – Ed.) not only the joint chiefs of staff – there is interagency consensus, but the decision rests with the White house,” – said the former Ambassador Steven Pifer under his post on Twitter, the head of the analytical center of the foam-Biden and former assistant Deputy Pentagon Michael carpenter.