The Briton has filed a lawsuit against the neighbor who was doing repairs in the Nude

The resident of the English town of Eccles, Kent, sued a neighbor because he was renovating his house naked.

In the view of the disturbed Frederick black, naked Rob Jenner could be seen by children, according to Kent Online.

Busted for “bare repairs” a former soldier pleaded not guilty. According to him, at the time of discovery he was on their territory and are generally proud of their own fit body.

A neighbor of Jenner thinks otherwise.

“I went to work and saw him in the garden, naked. It could be seen by anyone, including children from a nearby school. Rob did not hesitate,” said Frederick black.

Many of the neighbors also sided with black, noting that they hate every day to look at a naked man against his will.

The court in this case continues.

Earlier it was reported that in the United States have banned the 19-year-old rapist to have sex before marriage.