Russia will no longer make deals with a glass of vodka in hand, says a Finnish veteran of the sphere of transport

The annual Moscow international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies — an indicator of economic development. If the exhibition a lot of visitors, it can be assumed that the trade develops, and Vice versa.

This year we had more visitors than in previous years. It indicates a good state of the economy.

At the exhibition were presented more than ten Finnish companies, including the state railway company of Finland is VR (Valtion Rautatiet).

Personal contacts are important

According to the head of the VR Department for work with clients Petajaniemi Juha (Juha Petäjäniemi), participation in exhibitions is very important. At exhibitions he meets new and old customers and partners.

In Russia, personal contacts are very important. There is not even the accepted answer to letters received via email from unknown addresses.

“When the recipient of the email will see that it says the same Juha, then maybe even read my letter,” laughs Juha Petajaniemi.

VR has partnered with RZHD on the issues of organization of transportations across the border for industrial enterprises. The cargo goes in the Russian wagons, which brings VR to the client and later sent back to Russia.

The reputation of the company

Many companies think carefully about whether they can participate in the exhibition annually. And although participation is costly, it’s worth visiting, since the absence in the exhibition — a negative signal for the partner.

“Someone might, for example, thought that the company has some problems if she does not come,” — said the head of the sales Department of the company Steveco Brunila MIA (Mia Brunila).

A true veteran of show — Elena Palacios (Elena Palacios), a company which Ideafixer, organizes the design of exhibition stands of its clients. 80% of its activity the company performs in Russia, which hosts a variety of exhibitions.

“I do everything, from stockings to excavators,” says Palacios.

No more drinks

Executive Director Palacios in this area for almost 30 years and notes that the exhibition has significantly changed. Previously, everything was very secretive.

“All the stands were closed, they even had a roof so no one saw who with whom to negotiate,” says Palacios.

She well remembers the time when the exhibition was offered beer and other alcohol. This practice has ended, and now the company’s customers drink water.

In Russia the organization of exhibitions is very unusual. Especially Palacios criticizes the exhibition center “Crocus Expo”. There is a very skillfully collect money from participants.

In Russia it’s different

The Russian charge a separate fee for the site, which organized the exhibition stand for the fire alarm control panel and even check the reliability of plasma TVs.

Additional fees increase the cost of participation in the exhibition, which affects small companies who do not have enough funds to do that.

Palacios, however, encourages companies to come to Russia. She emphasizes that, in addition to language skills, it is also very important patience.

“From the Finnish type of thinking here would have to give,” she says.

Palacios wants to say that in Russia decisions are not as in Finland. Tasks that are difficult in advance, can decide in a minute, and some simple question, in turn, can take a very long time.

Fee for transportation decreased

All trucking companies are worried about reducing the amount of traffic. If the trade does not go, there is nothing to carry. On industries affected by the shaky ruble and economic sanctions.

The Finnish company Transfennic transports on cargo ships. Major cargo company — paper and paper pulp. Executive Director Dirk Witteveen (Dirk P. Witteveen) says that recently the amount of cargo declined.

“The capacity of roads and sea routes is large, and prices low,” — according to Witteveen.

He believes that the Russian market has revived, and opportunities to change the market he sees.

“In the field of transport is not so easy to transfer the ship from one place to another,” he says.