How the Ukrainians will recalculate the subsidy calculator utility “discount”

In Ukraine, almost every second family has issued a grant. In this year for a discount, after revisions to the budget, will spend about 70 billion hryvnia. The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree according to which the discount on the season will count on the new standards. The website “Today” has developed a calculator that will show you the approximate amount of subsidy and volume of utilities that are covered by the discount.

How much you should pay for communal subsidy
How many people in your family:
What is the total income of your family (UAH):

How do you heat the house:
There is Central heating
Heated with gas

What area of your home (m2):

How many can pay for communal*:
* If the specified amount is sufficient for the payment of utilities with no subsidy, “discount” is not entitled to

What is covered by the subsidy:

The calculator shows a sample calculation. The final decision on the appointment of subsidies are received by the local authority of social protection, which also can calculate the exact amount of the grant.

Note that this year’s subsidies will extend to those even with the discount accumulated debts for utilities. In addition, to lose assistance from the state can the Ukrainians, who made the purchase for the sum from 50 thousand UAH, or whose income has grown substantially. The Ministry of social policy expects that due to rising incomes of Ukrainians will be able to save on subsidies. As told “Today” the Ministry of Finance, thanks to the twofold growth of the minimal salary on the grants at the end of this year will save 5 billion hryvnia.

We will remind, last year the President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on the opening of Bank secrecy “to check the data that citizens were provided in the design of social benefits”. That is, the request from the Ministry of Finance, the Bank must show on account of a particular family. If you find that the monthly income is above the specified value, or the purchase was made in the amount of 50 thousand hryvnias, the family can leave without government assistance.

The “Today” wrote about that, for any “violations” can get subsidies.