For a hundred years. For so many years!

Holy days from September to November — usually held celebrations. On the red square in Moscow — without much luster and with small enthusiasm. In the square named after Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang — with impeccable bearing and discipline. At the Revolution Square in Havana — rum and longing for Fidel. At QUINTA da Atalaia at the festival of “Avante”, with music and traditional sandwiches. And again. The great Russian revolution is about to disappear from the festive programs. Its main heir — communism has left such deep wounds that no one knows what is worse: Nazism or him.

Perhaps the twentieth century will go down in history as the most bloody. Two world wars and dozens of colonial wars, dozens of regional conflicts, more civil wars and hundreds of millions of victims of political repression. In the Soviet Gulag, the Nazi camps and during the Chinese cultural revolution, not to mention the systematic killings in Rwanda and Cambodia, the technique of the extermination reached previously unseen heights. It was in this century is widespread torture, the first use of biological and chemical weapons and the atomic bomb. In this century, the target ceased to be mainly military, the victims are increasingly civilians. From London to Stalingrad and Dresden, from Phnom Penh to Aleppo and Mosul geography mass tragedies leave little hope — and leaves no doubt too.

It is also true that in this century, 150 countries gained independence that the ruling capitalism has become an ally of democracy, human rights became public domain that racism as a system has lost its scientific, economic and social spheres have made significant progress. Yes. In this balance of good and bad best accounts for science, democracy and, possibly, culture. But the worst was never as many.

In scope, the violence, the number of victims and duration on the other scale, the primacy belongs to communism. Or he divides it with Nazism. It is definitely one of the mysteries of the century or, rather, one of the difficult to solve the problems: why is it still celebrated? For some reason there are still those who proudly call themselves Communists? Why is considered a hero of anti-fascist and anti — Communist- savage? How is it possible that, to this day, universities, writers, politicians, intellectuals, trade unions and workers recognize that communism was a breakthrough in the history of mankind?

Civil war, the extermination of the aristocrats and the “white” massacre of political opponents, destruction of democracy, the mass murder of millions of peasants, Jews, Cossacks and Tatars, the Gulag, where he could get anyone, persecution of “cosmopolitans”, intellectuals and liberals, censorship, forced labour, planned starvation and mental and physical destruction of all do not respect the system — are the merits of one of the darkest political systems in the history of mankind. Meanwhile, the useful idiots continue to say that communism was the excuse: it was built in the name of the people! He was not so bad, because it was against capitalism. He fulfilled his task as advanced forward Russia!

Democratic societies have managed to come to terms with capitalism, which eventually seceded from the dictatorship — communism, this has never happened before. He always and without exception associated with the dictatorship. Communism has never coexisted with democracy. Even in China where communism was able to enter into an Alliance with capitalism, but not democracy.

The end of communism impresses with its fragility (Francois Furet), speed, the fact that no one came to his aid. Communism was in direct dependence on the Soviet regime. With the collapse last fall and he. Now we have a pathetic set of caricatures: North Korea, Cuba and the Portuguese Communist party…

Russia, which failed to conquer the whole army, was in the hands of capitalism. What are unable to make the Nazis is to defeat communism and the Soviet Union managed to make freedom and democracy. This anniversary worth celebrating. For years to come!