Marine Le Pen called the Crimea part of Russia

The leader of the French National front and candidate for President marine Le Pen said that Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea in 2014 was not illegal.

Marine Le Pen said that she has her own position on Crimea, which does not coincide with the point of view of the United States, nor with the opinion of the European Union.

“I absolutely do not believe the illegal annexation: there was a referendum the inhabitants of Crimea wanted to join Russia, she said Tuesday in an interview with French broadcaster BFMTV and Radio Monte Carlo. — I see no reason to question this referendum.”

On the question of whether Crimea, in her opinion, an integral part of Russia, Le Pen replied in the affirmative.

March 16 referendum in Crimea, the Peninsula residents under the supervision of the Russian military voted for joining Russia.

After Moscow declared Crimea part of the Russian Federation, the EU and the US imposed against Russia economic sanctions.

Almost no member of the UN country did not recognize the results of the referendum violated the Ukrainian Constitution.

The West insists that Russia’s annexation of Crimea violates the fundamental principles of international law.

“Nothing to fear”

The leader of “National front” has a different opinion. In interview Bi-bi-si in November, 2016, she called the style of government of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reasonable protectionism, adding that he “defends the interests of his country, its identity.”

On the issue of the threat from Russia, especially after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the beginning of Russian military operations in Syria, Le Pen said that “there is no reason to be afraid.”

Marine Le Pen also said that the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election in the United States increased her chances of becoming President of France. According to her, trump made possible what was previously thought impossible.

The party of Le Pen, opposes immigration and tuned skeptical towards the EU received 27% of votes at the last in December last year in France, the elections to the local authorities.

The fact that Le Pen could win the presidential election, and acknowledged the Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls.

“This means that the balance of policy will change completely,” he warned, noting: “France in danger”.

The first round of presidential elections in France scheduled for April 23, 2017.