Venezuela in the center of the information war

Sunday, July 16, Venezuela has entered a new phase of unconventional war, the us wing, that the extremist elite who seized the leadership of the movement “Democratic unity” (DE), called “Hour 0”.


Due to constant acts of violence paramilitaristic and terrorist groups that lasts for a hundred days, the idea of a referendum, followed by a premonition of disaster. So, the neo-fascist leader Freddy Guevara (Freddy Guevara) said one TV station that “the plebiscite instead of the elections to the national constituent Assembly would entail something that our country has ever seen”.


Guevara had in mind a General rebellion, which, according to the textbooks of the Pentagon’s unconventional war, leads to scenarios similar to the Libyan or Syrian. In other words, we are close to a fratricidal war between Venezuelans with foreign powers, mercenaries and paramilitaristic groups.


And all because the purpose of this supposedly national survey, illegal or dishonest results of which media sales trumpeted to the whole world in an attempt to give them legitimacy remains only one thing: to overthrow the constitutionally elected President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.


This new so-called decisive phase is a new phase of the protracted coup, plunging the country in the last three months in the chaos and violence of a new type, when the political struggle used terrorist methods. That is, we are in front of illegal, intentional and systematic use of indiscriminate terror against the civilian population in order to intimidate and paralyze the society.

This is done with the support of the conservative bishops of the local Catholic Church; a number of European and Latin American governments, right-wing, sung to the Organization of American States (OAS) under the baton of Washington and the main international media giants. This is done by using the psycho-social and military-political tactics taken from textbooks on asymmetrical or hybrid warfare the U.S. army, and amid increasing hostilities of a terrorist nature. And all in order to “Democratic movement” had formed a provisional, or parallel, government.


Dissident opposition movement Enrique Ochoa antic (Enrique Ochoa Antich) recognised that this strategy focuses on the creation of power structures, parallel to the existing and legally established. Something like the governments in exile within the country, the existence of which may result in the increase of armed violence and social polarization and civil war, financed from abroad, with possible foreign intervention.


Not only that, the convening of the illegal referendum is subversive manipulation of his supporters, it aims to legitimize in the eyes of the international community, the government of Maduro and Venezuela to submit to criminal government to justify humanitarian intervention, the US and its allies.


To this end, the previous stage, the Washington and some countries of the OAS — Canada, Mexico, and Colombia — supported the actions of terrorists who use bombs, Molotov cocktails, nuts and steel cables on the roads to knock down motorcycle riders, pistols rifles, mortars and other firearms against civilians.


It is terrorism of a new type, which through advertising campaigns in the media tries to assume the form of civil mobilization. But civilians do not walk around with weapons in their hands, lynched and burned alive not his victims, not set fire to hospitals and kindergartens with their children, do not consume tons of food and basic necessities for the people in poor areas.


After the failure of the strategy of “the coup — “the oil” strike — crisis of 2001 and 2006,” over the past three years, the United States and global media have managed to win a symbolic external (but not internal) war, firmly establishing the following postulates: the terrorist violence of the opposition “Democratic unity” is always fair and justified, and the government’s response is repression and violation of human rights from unlawful state.


It is noteworthy that the creation of the fiction of democratic political struggle on the wild gatherings “peaceful opposition” there are always cameramen and photographers operating as a militant terrorist squad because they made shots, accompanied by the partial message editors are a key element of the ongoing psychological warfare.


And that’s when the middle class was disillusioned with the protest movement, “Democratic unity” and its sponsors have come up with a mechanism parallel to the constitutional referendum. Pseudo-legal and unconstitutional plebiscite, contrary to current Venezuelan legislation, the purpose of which is to further undermine the authority of the constituent Assembly and become a means of legitimizing acts of sabotage on transport and the oil industry aimed at undermining the national economy, and trigger a new round of street violence to oppose the government’s actions and to take control of the major cities. Political and diplomatic support from the outside is the key to legitimize the invasion, as cautioned by the Deputy from party “For justice” Joan Recasens (Juan Requesens).


Without such a component, as the violence of neo-fascist policy of “Democratic unity” will be deprived of media attention, and the internal balance of power — not in his favor. Maduro and the chavistas retain power, based on military-civil Union, because of the unwavering unity of leadership. To this is added the active support of the communes, self-organized groups and militia, numbering 500 thousand armed men and women across the country.


On their side the force of law and state institutions are able to implement. Nevertheless, until July 30, the situation is very tense.