MH17: Moscow knew everything

16 Jul 2014 the Federal air transport Agency has banned flights over the airspace of Ukraine’s neighbouring Rostov region. This is new information that emerged just in recent days. It confirms once again that Moscow was aware of the fact that it is going, so the incident is not just a mistake.

To date, well known to the whole crew of “Buka”, which was made missile shot, and is also known for the whole line of chiefs to the Supreme commander of high — class people. Clearly, this was not how he tried to convince Russian propaganda “a monkey with a grenade” allegedly “Buk” has passed the ignorant rebels, and they accidentally shot down a passenger plane. People, brought down “Boeing”, could not be mistaken, they knew that it shot down the Boeing — passenger plane. And the latest information about what Moscow just in case the closed air space, shows that Moscow has been preparing for this event, they were planned.

The Russian authorities knew exactly what the aircraft is in danger, and what — no. The fact that in a few hours they closed the airspace, suggests that something was planned in this period. But that they have to ask why managers do not notify the court that the airspace is closed.

The rhetoric of Russia is the principle of posttrade: it does not refute the real version, and offers a variety of number of its. A classic example, when the traces of these events in the same transmission one after the other Kiseleva showed two stories: one proves that the “Boeing” Ukrainian fighter shot down, and second, that the plane was shot down by a Ukrainian Buk. Such tactics Moscow in recent times uses in all matters: generated by a huge number of versions in which the only true dissolving. This tactic Moscow will continue to apply. But it is useless.

The evidence collected, including independent company Bellingcat. And they are so convincing that you know all of the characters, including man, aimasho the button. The only question is, will survive these characters to court. In my opinion, in the interests of Moscow, as in many similar cases, to eliminate most of them.

To prove nothing. There are telephone conversations of representatives of the General staff with people from the crew of “Buka” and it is clear that decisions at this level cannot be accepted in the General staff. It is a responsible political decision, which may be taken at the level of the Supreme commander.