How to learn to save on their weaknesses

In modern life people have too many temptations: Smoking, alcohol, overeating, gambling, shopping, drugs, Internet, etc. to Stand against all these weaknesses it is very difficult, experts say, because in the daily chart have to deal with stress, and not everyone is able to relax easily and quickly. Crisis therapy is many jamming problems, emotional shopping, or a night in cuddling with a bottle of cognac and a cigarette. But if the stressors are attacking people constantly, shattered nervous system requires an increase in dosage, and at some point these weaknesses can completely take over the human psyche, becoming dependent. In such a situation affects not only the family budget, because all income is spent on destructive passions, but close: very few people pleased to see the continued degradation of the native people. “Today” figured out how to keep the weakness in check, despite the unexpected force majeure.

REASONS. As explained by the psychologists, the tendency to temptation, people have a reason. “Weakness is often arise as compensation for other unmet needs. For example, lack of communication or a lack of confidence, low self-esteem. It seems that if you buy this dress or this gadget, it is all at once will give you confidence. In fact, the man draws himself in a vicious circle, and to stop will be harder. And the most insulting that joy or expected to meet these Hobbies do not bring”, — explains psychologist Catherine Gican.

Also the weakness may be the result of rivalry or the pursuit of status, more
— the visibility of the status, experts say. “People try by eating expensive alcohol or you buy branded things to satisfy the desire to be better than others. And what this means? Suffice it to recall how Ellochka-ogress of “12 chairs” have bought unnecessary things, including the famous “the Mexican jerboa”. In the end, she spent the last money her husband-engineer Shchukin, because it competed with “cover girl” — the daughter of a magnate Vanderbilt. But nothing good from such deals should be expected: because of painful addictions can literally put my whole family in the world,” says Gecan.

Weaknesses such as excessive gambling or the use of soft drugs can be triggered by a desire to be in the trend if friends or party consider these Hobbies fashionable and current, psychologists say. Then the desire not to stand out from the crowd may be the key, muffling even the voice of reason and a sense of self-preservation. “In all these situations, it is useful to examine your life and realize what exactly is missing, not to replace real desire ephemeral needs things or bad habits. This will be the first step towards combating the destructive weaknesses,” advises Catherine Gican.

REBOOT. According to psychologists to get rid of any harmful addiction, you need to enable strict self-control. “It is useful to keep careful shopping list. But it does not always work, because the tighter tightening the spring, the higher the risk that it will burst. It happens after a strict and unbalanced diet: a person breaks out of control — and gaining even more excess pounds than before winnow. Then mercilessly scold yourself for failures. Although failure is often inevitable — we’re not machines! Therefore, it is important to move gradually to self-control, in order to avoid such disruption,” notes Catherine Gican.

To deal effectively with the weaknesses, the experts recommend to put not ambitious goals (“Everyone, this month I more I’ll not buy anything”), and the real and easily achievable: “this month I’ll buy one lipstick or one gadget, and also buy up to twenty packs of cigarettes, as will monthly to reduce the amount of consumed cigarettes for ten Grand,” — explains psychologist.

Effective in dealing with weaknesses and little exercise: make a budget of income and expenses, set realistic goals for the day, week, month, praise or reward themselves for performing these tasks. “For example, if a person likes to seize the problem — it is better to use healthy salad, and record in the diary the success of your diet as a first step on the path to healthy eating. But if we are talking about addiction to Smoking, you can replace the regular cigarettes electronic. In the case of alcohol it is advisable to go easy on alcohol or even soft drinks. If necessary, you can ask to help friends or relatives to prevent one overcome addiction, or to seek the assistance of a specialist doctor, psychologist. It is very important to enjoy even the slightest victory, awarding little prizes for the evening, sincere conversation, a good book, pleasant music. We must learn to appreciate the intangible joy that they can give a good mood and a return of optimism. And that will really help to become more resilient to life shocks in the form of stress or depression” — sure Gican.

“If you want to cut harmful spending, make a financial plan”

The fact that people can be influenced by their weaknesses, experts are not surprised: the modern potreblyat provides a large variety of goods and services, so it’s hard not to become a Shopaholic or a lover of alcohol. “In order to keep the weakness in check, it is advisable to go to the expense of the usual budget. To control the balance of income and expenses on your weaknesses, you want to audit. This will help to reveal that some habit or hobby gets 5-10% of salary. Then you can lay a certain monthly amount for these expenses and restrict yourself to spend beyond their means,” advises economist Ivan Nikitchenko.

If a person wants get rid of entirely harmful, in his view, habits — is to calculate the costs in an annual format. “Probably a decent amount that can be spent on the purchase of something worthwhile, such as cars or package tours to the Maldives. It’s a good motivation to give up bad habits,” recommends Nikitchenko.

But most importantly — not to get into debt, even if the weakness has turned into a passion pernicious, as it can hurt the whole family. “If a problem arises, it is necessary to include self-discipline with spending cuts and debt repayment. Also in this situation is to ask for support from family members, because debt is already a common problem. For sure joint efforts will be able to solve the issue much faster,” — said Nikitchenko.

REPLACEMENT. If the person is not ready to abandon his passion — can save on costs. “Estimate of expenses for the year can be a great incentive to save, because the street crisis. Worth a look: the more cheap you can replace your hobby? So, if people just want to occupy their free time in some activity, that in big cities the choice is huge, and not necessarily limit yourself to shopping or sitting in cafes. You can find something that does not need expensive equipment type DSLR camera, or special sports equipment. You can, for example, take up knitting, walking a mile or cultivation of flowers,” — said Nikitchenko.

Also, the expert recommends to pay attention to Hobbies that are popular with friends, colleagues or family members. “You can use the equipment, which already have with loved ones. For example, if DSLR collecting dust at home for many years, it can begin to use it for shooting of city streets, animals, children’s parties, etc. house can lie and sets for the making of soap, making handmade cards, or even a rod for fishing. It’s a good alternative options for the emergence of a new useful Hobbies, which will probably be relevant and popular for life,” — said Nikitchenko.