Do not get involved in the investigation of “relations with Russia”

I was the author of the column in The Wall Street Journal in the midst of the “whitewater scandal”. We have published a series of investigative articles, “raised serious questions” (as we say in controversial business) about unscrupulous business men who were thought to have been the Clintons still lived in Arkansas.

Now I confess I couldn’t understand all the accusations made in those articles. It was a mess. But I remember the tense atmosphere that arose as a result of the scandal. In mass media appeared a series of “explosive” details that at the time seemed extremely important. Was appointed special Prosecutor, and everyone waited for indictments. People have made assumptions and guesses, and it turned into a national sport.

Now, after all this time, “uitwaterende scandal” seems to be inflated. And yet, we must acknowledge that he is at least at the moment — was much more thorough and compelling than the scandal of “relations with Russia”, which now erupted in Washington.

It is possible that we will witness enormous exposure. Amazingly, since then, how did this whole thing with trump and Russia, there was found almost no evidence that behind all this was some sort of crime and between the members of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump and the Russian actually was a conspiracy. This administration leaks any information, no significant data about the real conspiracy is still in the press is not leaked.

There were several meetings between the officials of the trump and some Russians, but they were no more than one would expect from the staff, who demonstrated their Pro-Putin stance and even proud of it. And so far from what we know about these meetings, there is nothing in this that proves the existence of the conspiracy and even points to it.

I’m not saying that it is not necessary to investigate possible relationships trump with Russia. Russian attack on American democracy was truly disgusting, and if there was a people of trump, that would be treason. But above all I say: let’s not get ahead of ourselves and assume that this relationship exists.

Second, this story tells a lot about the administration itself. As expressed by Levin, Yuval (Yuval Levin), this investigation is about her. Administration officials are skeptical about Trump, the President has imposed legal “mines”, and then trump (he and trump) began to mark time on the field, blown up by them in all possible ways.

Of course, Trump shouldn’t be tweeting about recordings of conversations in the oval office. Of course, he should not have fired James Komi (James Comey).

But if you take even the most exemplary of the modern presidents (some modern Abraham Lincoln) with the aim of discrediting send against him, nobody controlled (in accordance with the principles of democracy) and generously funded by a group of prosecutors, to give them the right to cause its employees to testify and to “dig” under it, thoroughly investigating everything he has is irrelevant to the case, then with high probability even it can be made to resist. Even it is possible to provoke and force to do acts in which there are signs of “obstruction of justice”.

Whenever there are disturbing cases where a policy of democracy is a substitute for policy scandal. In a democracy, important specific questions, and win used methods of persuasion. You acknowledge that your opponents are legitimate, they will always exist and that it is inevitable. And a compromise in one form or another is inevitable.

But in politics the scandal, at least since the days of Watergate do not try to convince or even to discuss specific issues. Political victories are achieved when you destroy their political opponents, catching them on the improper actions. Beckons you to a great opportunity to eliminate his opponent. Politics is simply a matter of moral superiority and the destruction of personality.

The politics of scandal is a wonderful tool in news reporting on cable television. Difficult to recruit ratings in disputes about the laws of medical insurance. But they are easy to dial in if you are famous of legal cable channel Court TV, and if every sign of an impending scandal, you can watch the broadcast of the “urgent news” and show cute former prosecutors, falling on the audience streams their reasoning and speculation.

Policy is great the forces that are engaged in “procuraduria” and “Advokatura” American lives. By employing the power from the hands of the voters, parliamentarians and elected officials into the hands of prosecutors and lawyers.

The policy scandal is sowing discord in society. The political elite mired in scandal. And most voters care about all this.

Donald trump came to power, promoting the politics of scandal (ignoring rules and regulations, spreading insane statements about birth certificates and other things). It is therefore possible that she just absorbed that he fell for her bait. But honestly, in my list of reasons why the tramp is suitable for the role of President, history of collusion with the Russians is a 971-e a place and is much less important than, for example, that it is absolutely legal to cringe in front of the villains and communicates with them and violates the norms of democratic conduct.

People who are hyping the politics of scandal, do not make the American government cleaner. They bear part of the blame that the administration and government are too busy to do their job. That the political culture becomes more superficial and ugly. That they contribute to the development process, which looks like a game of the elites with the use of provocations and traps.

Things are so bad that I want to give Trump the last word. On 15 June he wrote on Twitter: “They fabricated a fake conspiracy, inventing a story with the Russians but no evidence found. So now they have their sights on obstructing an investigation of this fictitious history.” If not there will be some new revelations, these words may be quite accurate.