What determines the way a kiss: scientific answer

While kissing the most people turn your head to the right. Figured it out by psychologists, published their findings in the journal Scientific Reports.

Scientists from the Dhaka University in Bangladesh and the University of bath in the UK worked with 48 heterosexual married couples from Bangladesh, where kissing in public is not as widespread as in the previously studied countries. Study participants were supposed to kiss at home, and then, having dispersed on different rooms, to report on different aspects of the kiss.

As it turned out, men are 15 times more likely to initiate a kiss than women. In addition, both partners often turn your head to the right in 2/3 of the cases. It also appeared that the right-hander when kiss I turn my head to the right and left handed, respectively, left. However, this was only the initiators of kiss — the second partner adjust to the first.

The obtained results are consistent with the results of earlier similar studies conducted in other countries. However, if in the Western countries kissing in a sample can be taken the image from the screen or seen in a public place kiss in Bangladesh external influence on virtually eliminated kiss — kissing in public is not accepted there, and in movies such scenes are censored.

According to the researchers, the act of a kiss is determined by the brain depending, right-handed people or left-handed. This is typical of functions of the left hemisphere responsible for the areas of the brain associated with emotions and decision-making. Levels of hormones, such as testosterone, may be unevenly distributed in each hemisphere, which leads to a shift to the right.

The authors hope that obtained results will provide the basis for a more detailed study of neurophysiological mechanisms of such behavior.