What is the spinner and how it works: TOP 10 tricks toy-antistress

Lately the word spinner has become widespread use, however, as does the spinning gadget.

What is a spinner

Popular gadget is also called the fidget spinner, spinner or Twister for the hands. In the center of the spinner is metal or ceramic bearing, radially extending multiple blades/wings or weights. The gadget can be made of various materials — brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper or plastic. But keep in mind that the material and design of the bearings affects the duration of the rotation type produced by vibration and sound, creating a sensory feedback.

Why you need a spinner

Amid the growing popularity of spinners in 2017 in many publications discussed their claimed benefits to people with ADHD, autism or an anxiety disorder.

How to write the Western media, the spinners “was originally created and sold as a means to calm that you can use in order to stay focused”.

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At the same time, the experts are divided in their evaluation of the use of the spinner for the health, some believe that it can help in these cases, others deny this possibility and believe that the toy distracts rather than helps to concentrate.

The popularity of spinners

It is noteworthy that the first spinners were created in 1990-ies, but they became popular only in 2017. Especially the popularity of the gadget has got among schoolchildren, with him performing different tricks.

Spinner has become popular not only among schoolchildren, and various tricks and experiments with gadgets just flooded the Internet.

Tricks with spinner