Re interested in Vyborg Finns

Kirsti Laine (Kirsti Laine), Executive Director of the travel Agency Saimaa Travel, and Kurkinen Jukka (Jukka Jyrkinen), Executive Director of the travel company Itämatkat, which deals with trips to Russia, I assume that the number of Finnish tourists going to travel to Vietnam should increase significantly compared to last year.

According to Laine, the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 significantly reduced the desire of Finns to come to Russia. Now the demand has increased.

Jyrkinen, Executive Director Itämatkat, says the hope is that the number of Finnish tourists will increase.

“The number of Finnish tourists increasing gradually, both in relation to visa processing and in relation to group travel”.

The most popular proposal from the Agency Saimaa Travel — a cruise to Vyborg, which does not need a visa. Such cruises are organized from may to September.

“Our goal is about 20 thousand passengers this year.”

In the past years in Vyborg visited from 18 to 21 thousand of Finnish tourists.

According to Laine, a visit to Vyborg now of interest to many Finns. In the city you can spend one or two nights.

“In Vyborg own unusual atmosphere. The service sector has improved, much can be purchased, there are good restaurants”.

Jyrkinen is also the Executive Director of the company Saimaa Express engaged in cross-border transport from Vyborg to Lappeenranta and back.

This route is often used by Russians and Finns, who are interested in shopping trips, as well as people working in Saint-Petersburg. The program is designed so that people traveling to Petersburg, you could continue your journey by train from Vyborg.

“The Russians have increasingly come to Finland, but now the ruble again weakened. Can’t say for sure what impact this will have in the future.”

Journeys on the new bus Russian partner company Saimaa express, which is now undergoing warranty service.