How not to lose your dream job during the holidays: the summary should work for you

Summer is hot season for change, but rather is a period for vacations. But this does not mean that companies are not looking for employees and work processes freeze.

So for the holidays, you get the coveted job, you need to take care of your resume that even during rest, should work for you.

International HR portal gathered 5 tips that will help you not to lose your job:

1. “Bleed” summary

Before you go on leave to check posted on job portals with the new version of your resume. And provided any information about your experience, past achievements, acquired new skills, recently passed the workshops and relevant contact information.

2. Add knowledge

The first few days of rest passed in “blissful idleness”, and a bag in latest innovations of relevant literature. Read? You should update your resume.

3. Stand out

Make your resume unique. For example, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the sites for employment – graphic design, links to your portfolio, blog or social media accounts if necessary.

4. “Digitize” your experience

Describe your working experience in numbers: what percentage of increased sales, how many customers have brought many events organized, number of projects developed, etc.

5. Check for accuracy

Never hurts again carefully read your CV and check if it is correct it dates, names, name, mobile number, email address.

After all this is not cunning action, you can relax for a while. Because now your resume will work for you. The employer will appreciate the responsibility with which you react to the document, whose task is to show your strengths, despite the fact that the holiday season is in full swing.