Ukrainian entered the Forbes top 30 IT entrepreneurs of the year

29-year-old from Kharkov, Dmitry Zaporozhets, co-founder of a startup Networks, has entered the list of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Tech. In the same list — the founders, managers, engineers and researchers from companies such as Slack, Linledin, IBM, Dropbox, SpaceX, reports Ain.

Forbes makes a list and 30 Under 30 every year, it includes the leading young innovators and leaders under the age of 30 years. Leaders were chosen in 20 categories (for example, “User technology”, “Art”, “Science”, “Education”, “Marketing and advertising”, etc.) for 30 people each.

This year the competition was tough: 600 seats claimed some 15,000 nominees, almost 4% entry threshold to get into the list was harder than to get into Stanford or Harvard, say its authors.

Dmitry is co — founder and CTO of a startup. Last year, the Networks team participated in the winter the incubator program Y Combinator (the service was profitable even before the acceleration came in the incubator for experience). In the past two years, the startup has raised several million rounds, and the last $20 million in September 2016. Total investments of $25.6 million from March 2015 to Networks today, the team grew from 9 to 140 employees. Customer Networks are more than 100,000 companies and organizations, including NASA, CERN, Alibaba, SpaceX, O’reilly, IBM, Expedia.

Networks is an online service for storing source code of projects based on a system of file management Git. Software developers such services are needed for tracking changes in code projects. This means that every time you change part of the code saves a new version. This is especially important in large companies where projects employ a large number of users: it is easier to keep track of changing versions.