Why the video of NATO about the “forest brothers” the Kremlin is scared more than tanks?

They could not accept the fact that we were accepted in NATO and even after the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite called Russia a terrorist state reaction wasn’t so hysterical. It all started just after a short video on NATO, the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian partisans of the postwar period.

Because it’s terrible tanks “Leopard” with the crosses of the Bundeswehr on the ground Heijunka — NATO allies of Western Europe and the United States together with Baltic countries have a shared understanding of the bloody and dark history of the XX century Was the time when history ended with the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the USSR, and to turn back — very rude, it may offend those whose forefathers were somewhere not in the side, made the wrong choice or have been misled.

It is rude to demand condemnation of the war crimes of the Soviet Union, since it makes to feel uncomfortable for the Europeans, who until the end of the cold war, sympathized with the many local Communist parties and the youth set up barricades under Marxist and Maoist slogans. We were accepted into the EU and NATO, but before the events in Ukraine in 2014, no one seriously thought that the Baltic States will have to protect someone.

Was hoping that globalization and the free market will transform a former Colonel of the KGB, honest businessmen, and grandmothers, over the beds of which are portraits of Stalin — part of the consumer society. Any war in Europe seemed impossible, so the commitment of the allies “to die for Narva” — was something of a insurance of the estate of rural tourism in Mikalai (Lazdijai district) from the eruption of the volcano. The West had realised sooner that the old myths have not disappeared. In the middle East, where Islamists decided in whatever was to destroy reborn according to the prophecy of the Holy Scriptures of Israel and therefore will not go to an agreement about peaceful coexistence, neither in Russia, which since the coming of Vladimir Putin to power cultivated in its citizens a hatred of the values of liberal democracy.

Announcing the annexation of Crimea, Putin was not talking about the civil rights of its citizens and their welfare in the future. To justify the seizure unearthed the myth of the baptism of Prince Vladimir in Chersonesus, near Sevastopol. The same one that Imperial Russia used, presenting his claim to the Crimea in the XIX century, built on the Foundation of the ancient Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos of Vladimir Cathedral.

The most important myth of the great Patriotic war, according to which the mission of the USSR — a victory over absolute evil — fascism, can not be combined with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and cooperation with the Nazis during the occupation of Poland and the Baltic States. All this clowning with pseudoternary and dressing kindergartners in uniforms of the soldiers of WWII not coincided with the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine.

Russia, which declared itself the legal successor of the USSR, adopted the myth of permanent struggle with the reviving in new forms of fascism. The Nazis can now be declared to all who are not pleasing to the Kremlin, the Ukrainian Pro-Western policy, starting with the “Right sector” (extremist and banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) and ending with the moderate liberal parties, human rights activists in Russia, and even Israel when he dares to interfere with Russia’s ally Bashar al-Assad. And, of course, the Baltic States, where the streets marching remnants, SS veterans and Russian-speaking minorities are destroying, causing to learn the state language.

For a long time Russia pretty well managed to maintain in the West, its image of the winner of fascism and worthy of respect, she was able to avoid reminders of friendship with Adolf Hitler at the beginning of WWII. We were given the Kremlin’s propaganda excuse to portray Lithuanians as a people, to shoot Jews, could not in an attractive form to tell the West about the history of their struggle for freedom.

A short video on “forest brothers” in Baltic States, NATO common in social networks, symbolizes the turning point in the minds of the West, which Russia fears most. If our partisans will occupy a suitable place in Western historical memory, along with the struggle for independence in the United States, French resistance and a victim of the “cyborgs” of Donetsk airport, we will be clear and close to everyone American or Norwegian who send to serve in a rapid reaction force at the command posts NATO. This is a clear sign that the us will never leave you alone, to defend and to die in the woods.

The propaganda campaign launched by the Russian foreign Ministry against our partisans that since Saturday night on Facebook said thousands of residents of Lithuania, and later Ukraine, was not a spontaneous outburst. This is a decisive struggle for the minds of millions of people, losing which, the Kremlin can forget about any hope to act in our region by methods of hybrid war, it is checked in the Crimea.

In the design of the material used screenshot of the movie Forest Brothers — Fight for the Baltics (“Forest brothers” — the battle for the Baltics) from the page of NATO in Youtube.