Eight reasons to kiss more often: what benefits health bring kisses

The importance of kisses for a relationship is difficult to overestimate. In the world approved even special kiss Day which is celebrated in July. But really, a kiss is not only one of the ways to Express feelings: their effects on the body it can even be called a drug, because it is a preventive measure of a number of disorders in the body.

Please note: if you are not so passionate as the people in your surroundings, you’re OK — just your personal space a little wider than theirs. But if you perceive kissing as “kissing” — that, most likely, in your life was not a very pleasant situation that gave rise to an aversion to such displays of affection. In this case, it is necessary to understand why you are depriving yourself and the loved one kissing, and better with a specialist.

If you kiss the child, then not receive all of the below effects of his kiss. But if zamki get from friends or kiss their you — is released in the blood hormone of pleasure from the fact that you are glad to see them.

A full range of Goodies is just a kiss with the second half. Because kiss often! In fact, according to statistics, only the couple or the ones who survive the bouquet-candy period, kiss of the order of 8-12 times a day, and people living together for more than 5 years, 4-6 times less. And even among those who have impressive experience of marriage, about 15% can’t even remember when was the last time. So today is a great reason to catch up, not to slow down the pace in the future.

So, let us look at the basic healing properties of kissing. Our experts: Lena Moskalenko, psychologist, psychotherapist of the Kyiv city center for radiation protection of the population; Tatiana Maikova, neurologist, head of Medsite “Headache”, member of the European headache Federation, and Alla Chaykovskaya, psychotherapist, bioenergetics, member of Ukrainian Union of psychotherapists, Association of alternative medicine of Ukraine.

  • Energy tonic

Resource part of our “I” is the so-called inner child. This part of the human personality full of energy in almost unlimited quantities. Why? Remember your childhood: even if it was not 100% successful, and energy have been rife — the way every child.

So: kiss every time brings us back to the very beginning of carefree — childhood, when we peacefully relished lips mother’s milk, confident in her love, and was perfectly happy — even if not all of the then circumstances of our life contributed to this.

In addition, the kiss causes the production of endorphins — a hormone, introducing man into a state of euphoria, in which the sea is known to be only knee-high.


The pleasure that people experience when they kiss, provokes the production of serotonin — a hormone which is responsible for the harmonious operation of the brain — the main organ of the Central nervous system. As well as the functioning of the immune system is directly dependent on the state of the CNS, it is, in fact, kiss is a good immunomodulator.

Also when kissing increases the level of adrenaline: this hormone stimulates the adrenal glands, and those, in turn, increase the adaptive capacity of the organism.


When kissing involves all the muscles of the face and almost all cervical. So regular kissing is face-fitness, which prevents early wrinkles on the face and around the eyes and removes the eye bags or reduce their severity.


Kiss is essentially a mini-orgasm, and therefore harmonizes the hormonal status of the person.

As a result, regular kisses become men prevention of prostatitis and impotence, female frigidity, diseases of the uterus and ovaries, and as a result infertility in both.

The mechanism of action of kiss to health of the genital organs in traditional medicine is different, but the essence does not change: the organs located in the lower part of the body that are a projection of those that are at the top, and Vice versa. Therefore exposure to the lips and mouth stimulates the functions of “male” and “female” bodies.


When a man has confirmed that he’s accepted that he is needed and important — he grows wings, bad mood recedes, and despair, even not selected. It is through a kiss we obtain a proof of their importance for a loved one. It is the expression of feelings — an eloquent testimony to the fact that you let into the soul, and there “empty space” are not allowed.

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In addition, when a kiss produces oxytocin — it relieves nervous tension and produces a feeling of stability, is a good preventive measure against depression.


Increasing the level of dopamine, which also happens when the kiss slows the aging of cells. The effect increases oxytocin, speeding up the regeneration of tissues.


Dopamine improves performance, memory, sleep. And stimulating brain function, the chain activates the work of all organs and systems because their functions are related, directly or indirectly. At the same time,the dopamine’s fault that at some stage people are losing their taste for a kiss performed the same way. Then the level of this hormone decreases and disappearing its healing properties. Because of that, over time, the interception of the breath and whirling in the head disappear. Then some people start to look for the drive on the side. But if you value family with this person, then experiment with the shape of kisses.


While kissing the breath quickens, it becomes deeper, and my heart is beating with double speed. In fact, the body gets the cardio. And they improve the elasticity of blood vessels, blood circulation, as a consequence, the power of the heart. Therefore, the regular kisses — a great prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.