The subtleties of online shopping abroad

Foreign online shopping Ukrainians is interesting because it gives the opportunity to buy original, a good thing for the money is often less than asking for them at home. Popular we use such sites as (baby clothes);, Victoria’s and (adult),,, (assorted goods); (gadgets), etc. And although the number of purchases made by our countrymen on foreign websites, is growing steadily, many people hesitate to purchase — too many doubts in quality, price, payment method and delivery. “Today” decided to share tips that will help you to start buying on foreign websites.

The first thing is to decide whether you will register on the website and make the purchase yourself, or seek a mediator. In the case of direct purchase, you will step by step take actions and eventually learn to buy food abroad. Plus you will be protected: commodity exchange, and money back if something does not fit — you pay on your own card, and such a transaction is guaranteed by the resource administration.

But many prefer to deal with a middleman who orders merchandise in your name, and then forwards it to you. In this case, the thing is difficult or impossible to exchange or return: the mediator is responsible only for the safety of the product, not its quality. Besides, he could use only he convenient logistics — the product may go longer, but services cost more.


If your chosen online store realizes direct shipment to Ukraine — consider yourself lucky. After payment your item is sent through the firm that is responsible for the shipping to your address or to the post office. It gives guarantee of delivery, but no more: buying for you is still a surprise and can delight and disappoint, adding the hassle of a return. And may be such that each purchase will come in a separate package that will cost more.

If your store does not forward buy, have to act in other ways. First, you can join a group of customers (you can find them on the forums) who are just like you, order. In the country where the store is located, someone has relatives to whom buy and deliver, then they forward them to Ukraine. This method is good because your purchase is “zagromozhdenny” can inspect on the subject of marriage, to assess the quality and packaging in one package, to make it cheaper to send to Ukraine. But bad because not every user can find partners for a joint purchase.

The third way mediation, but there are certain risks. “I came across intermediaries who did not fulfill the promise. Instead of having to check the goods and put in one package to me within a few days came in 4 parcels! In the end, I overpaid for shipping, and purchased for $2 watch was defective. Broker shrugged and honestly said it was my risk, and he is not ready to deal with the return of such cheap things. Or I have to pay him a full Commission, as for shipping,” — shared his experience of shopping from Kiev Irina Litvin.

For your purchase. To pay off the card and through the payment system


If you are not using a proxy who sent the money and his tip — you will have to master the method of payment, which operates the store. This can be a card of the international payment systems directly (register card data and other information on the site) or indirectly (by binding to PayPal or other payment system). In Ukraine the most common cards — Visa and MasterCard (at a lower level may not accept the seller). At the same time, using the currency card you can avoid some fees, but at a low cost to save on commissions will pay for the cost of annual service of the card.

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You can get a credit card specifically for online purchases. This virtual card is good because it “glows” in offline and ATMs, and if they come across fraudsters that will not bring them much of a profit: it is possible to put not too much money and put a restriction on the transfer of money. But if the funds are gone, get them back would be problematic.

Need data card


When ordering goods worth a few dollars, it is better to cooperate with other customers of the city or region (which includes the forum) as you’ll be able to share costs for shipping (it can be 100-500 UAH and more). In this case one receives a package and have send you the rest of Ukraine.

Too much. Customs takes into account all purchases that are at the same address. If the value of the parcels you have received in a month exceeds 150 euros (4,4 thousand UAH), for the surplus will have to pay a fee (almost a third of the total) and customs duty. Notice on the latter you will find in your mailbox (or you will receive an SMS).


If you want to buy on foreign exchanges independently and without difficulty, it is best to learn the basics. For example, on the free online lessons within the educational platform MeestChina (focused on purchases in China) you teach yourself to make purchases on foreign websites, to pay, to understand controversial issues, to arrange the delivery, pick up suppliers and so on. you Can also read the avid blogs Saperov: they are spread in the network General rules of shopping and share their experience in the settlement of disputes with suppliers.