Russian spy: “in the suitcase I was carrying antiseptic and candy” (zprávy Seznam, Czech Republic)

Andrey Kondakov — tall, thin man. He looks younger than his years. Although in the 34 years he headed the diplomatic mission of one of the Federal agencies in the Czech Republic.

He also became a Central figure in the history where two elders of Prague and the mayor received police protection. The last two months around him circling police and the Czech intelligence service BIS.

How did you learn the “Seznam right”, this man, according to intelligence, is what supposedly brought to the Czech Republic a deadly poison.

In conversation with a reporter Andrey Kondakova perfectly possible to own what is called “baby face”. When asked how he would explain that he the man who allegedly brought in the Czech Republic the poison ricin, he even didn’t blink and showed no emotion or surprise, as if he was ready for this question.

“It’s some kind of mistake. In the suitcase I was carrying antiseptic and candy,” he says quietly, standing in front of a complex of buildings of the Russian Embassy in Prague 6.

Involuntarily he thus confirms one detail of history: the earlier edition of “Respect” and wrote that the Russian agent was brought to the Czech poison ricin in a suitcase.

Intelligence service the BIS (security and information — approx. transl.) believes Andrei Viktorovich Konchakova employee of one of Russian security services. In the Czech Republic he lived for several years, but the diplomatic post is only the second year.

A young diplomat behaves naturally. He politely apologizes for not being able to give a formal interview, yet it will not allow Moscow and asks to send questions by e-mail.

The name of the suspect diplomat our publication is confirmed by several sources in the circles of the security services. However, for the sake of their safety, we didn’t want to tell it completely.

Because of this person to the mayor of Prague Zdenek greebo and the two elders Paul Nowotny and Ondřej Kolaria put protection on a month ago, the sixth of April. That day, as it was succeeded to learn “Seznam right”, the BIS service sent the Police Bureau a message stating that the Czech Republic is the agent who “represents a danger to them”.

In fact, however, the critical moment came much earlier. Andrey Kondakov arrived in Prague on March 14. That day when it was marked suitcase. As established service security at the airport he was met by the driver of the Russian Embassy A. A. and took him to the complex of buildings of Embassy of the Russian Federation.

By the way, the driver Alexander A. Czech security services also believe the FSB (Russian secret service). He usually meets with important diplomats. He is responsible not only for their safety but also for safe delivery of secret documents exchanged between the Embassy and Russia.

It is therefore not surprising that the young diplomat with a special cargo was met by it.

That arrived in Prague the diplomat, which intelligence agencies suspect that he’s actually a scout, the BIS service, of course, knew immediately. The airport has its system of cameras that can recognize faces.

The question remains, what role is played by Andrey Kondakov. If he was “just” a courier, or he had to use the cargo? We do not know. But the fact that its inclusion in the diplomatic corps confirms he could be an intelligence officer.

In the Czech Republic, he works as Director of one of the Russian Federal agencies. He was born in Moscow and graduated from the national research nuclear University “MEPhI” in the specialty “international relations”. In the Czech Republic he has been working for a few years, but diplomatic status was granted only last year.

But let’s get back to what happened on March 14, when Andrey Kondakov arrived, and on the sixth of April, when the BIS service has sent the police a letter about the danger that threatens politicians.

About these days we know little.

One of the sources “Seznam right” says Andrey Kondakov stayed in the Czech Republic for long, and after a few days went back to Russia. But there he was, according to the source, is not long delayed. He went to neighboring Belarus and returned to the Czech Republic, taking off from Minsk. It happened in late March.

But other sources on this visit do not mention, and Andrey Kondakov completely denies it. According to him, after March 14, he has not left the Czech Republic.

Test is difficult because it is unclear if he uses other names while traveling. However, this is not so important. Dangerous cargo allegedly arrived in an already marked the day on March 14.

It is highly likely that BIS officers tried to follow Andrey V. Kondakovym, to know who he will meet and will give anyone the contents of the case?

While they could follow the movements of the suitcase and, most importantly, dangerous substance, which he allegedly brought was nothing to worry about. But, apparently, in early April, the situation got out of control. Either because the BIS service is not able to follow Andrey V. Kondakovym, or she lost track of the poison, or understood that I was not able to protect politicians. Therefore, the staff of BIS service were forced to contact the police.

Reporter “Seznam right” met with Andrei Viktorovich Kondakovym last week.

At a meeting in front of the complex of buildings of the Russian Embassy Russian this came in a luxurious black car with a young woman called his wife. Dressed in a suit and white mask, he acted casual and relaxed. In Czech he speaks very well, almost without accent.

When in conversation he needed to buy time, he pauses, as if choosing need a Czech word. For example, he “could not” recall how in Czech is “Agency” (as well as in Russian — approx. ed.).

Russian behaved very prudently, and therefore of greater interest than his words, was his facial expressions and gestures. He is a very good control of the face and hands. However, a careful observer could not help but notice how it is slightly shifting from foot to foot, which tells about the excitement.

However, never any question he was not surprised, and Andrey Kondakov know exactly what you have to say. He promised to respond to e-mailed questions, but at the time of submission and has not done so.

The police and the service of the BIS has refused official comments, having referred to that the secret. Elders and the mayor continues to enjoy police protection, and Andrey Kondakov is located on the territory of the Russian Embassy. According to the “Seznam right”, neither the police nor the security services until its nothing asked.

Note. In the text we have added the full name Andrei Viktorovich Konchakova after it appeared in the public field. In the original text of the article we have indicated only the first letter of his name.