The youngest girl is the captain of the Boeing 777: I laughed

30-year-old Annie Divya is the youngest girl-captain on the Boeing 777. However, for this she had to put a lot of effort. Already at the age of 17 she began training, despite the fact that the family was against her playing, according to “life” with reference to the Mirror.

Annie, who grew up in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, not listening to criticism and enrolled in flight school to fulfill his childhood dream. But behind the wheel she sat immediately. First she trained in Spain and London. His first solo flight on a Boeing it has made only 21.

The only one who supported Annie in her endeavours, were the parents. They helped my daughter go to College, despite the lack of guarantees that she will ever be able to pay.

“My parents believed in me, and I am grateful for what I have become. At that time I had no job and financially I’m desperate” – says the girl.

First time on Annie bullied because of her English, which she tried to learn. But through perseverance she now speaks without any accent or error.