How to cook the perfect cocktail: the secret of the famous bartender

To prepare a delicious cocktail, you must know some tricks. The famous bartender, award-winning in the bar industry and one of the top most influential people in London, Eric Lorints shared the secret of making perfect cocktails, reports “New time”.

“If I were a cocktail, it would be a dry Martini. It is stylish, elegant, simple and delicious,” said Eric.

Knowing the recipes of hundreds of cocktails by heart, Eric, as no one else knows the intricacies of cooking and can tell you how to make the perfect drink.

“A cocktail is like cooking: to make tasty, need to follow the recipe and proportions. Just then the cocktail will turn out perfect. I work as a bartender for 15 years and always measure the ingredients,” advises Lorints.

The easiest cocktail you can make at home, is a cocktail based on vodka, rum, gin or whiskey, says the bartender. For example, if you take equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari and decorate the glass with a slice of orange, you will stand in front of the Negroni cocktail.

If you are going to make a cocktail, don’t judge alcohol by the bottle recommends Lorints. Very often a stylish label sold defective product, and unremarkable bottle – excellent. To protect yourself from troubles, it is better to buy alcohol in specialized shops, where the selection of high-quality alcohol – a professional challenge. Better to spend a little more money to use fewer ingredients, but be sure that the cocktail is not only delicious, but also safe.