How independent of the FBI?

“The FBI is honest, the FBI is strong, and the FBI will always be independent,” declared the former Director of this Department, James Comey, speaking recently in Congress. Komi, whom Donald trump fired in may, acknowledged that the FBI Director can resign for any reason and even for no reason at all. But because of the contradictory explanations from the White house about his resignation, many have concluded that it was politically motivated. Komi headed the investigation of the relationships between key advisers trump and the Russian government. Regardless of how much the FBI?

The Federal Bureau of investigation was created as a unit of special agents in 1908, when the President was Theodore Roosevelt. In 1935 he developed the slogan: loyalty, courage, honesty. Over the years, it has become the most powerful in the world, a counter-intelligence and security. His priorities include combating violent and economic crimes and to protect the country from terrorist attacks and espionage. The budget Bureau approves the Congress. The FBI is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of justice and is subject to the attorney-General, but operates mostly independently.

Most independence of the FBI had under John Edgar Hoover, who directed it for 48 years, building for himself an Empire, using extensive contacts with members of Congress. He became so influential that after his departure the duration of stay on a post of the Director of this body was limited to ten years. Every one of the successors of Hoover was much less influential than he is. In 1993, bill Clinton fired William and Roman sessions as Director of the FBI for ethical reasons (to Komi he was the only boss of the Bureau, which was dismissed). Most often the wiser presidents have kept my distance, not coming close to the leaders of this Department, in order not to create the impression that they are interfering in the Affairs of law enforcement. The wise and the FBI stayed away from the White house. This created the impression that the Bureau operates independently from the dirty politics, and for this reason, the FBI remains one of the most respected institutions in the country.

The resignation of the boss as a respected authority can create significant risk for any President. They say that Harry Truman and John Kennedy dared to fire Hoover because he was afraid of the consequences of the resignation of the boss of the FBI because of its popularity. Such consequences are faced trump, dismissing the Komi Republic. When he last month announced his decision to nominate for this position a former Federal Prosecutor and Deputy attorney General Christopher ray, this has caused more skepticism than usual. A reflection of this was the severe interrogation to which ray was subjected to 12 July, with the endorsement of the appointment in the Senate judiciary Committee. Ray will have to prove that he can take a punch, when it will be to defend the independence of his office from the White house — especially if trump will keep his word, given to them this year: to review the role of all security services.