Three seas and one choice

The agreement on the supply of natural gas from USA to Poland can be concluded in 15 minutes — spoke about Donald trump, who visited the summit “Initiative of the three seas” in Warsaw. (Before coming to Hamburg, where they held the G20 summit). This thesis, albeit a bit willfully optimistic, was one of the most important. As important as the statements of the trump on the 5-th paragraph of NATO.

Recently in Poland I met the first American vessel with liquefied gas, which is already supplied to Portugal and the United Kingdom. It is projected that the supply will become regular that will promote competition in the gas market. Of course, for Eastern Europe, such supplies are of greater importance because of the high geopolitical value.

Hardly before the arrival of the trump in Poland many people knew about the existence of “Initiatives of the three seas”, in which the informal United 12 States of the European Union, located between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas.

Referred to, as they say, the format is not particularly publicized. Some West European politicians saw in it a kind of reflection of the interwar period last century when located between Germany and the Soviet Union countries, especially Poland, tried to rally in the face is not very peaceful aspirations of the larger neighbors. The most active initiator of the format “the Three seas” was not Poland, and Croatia, which wanted to expand economic contacts in the North direction, looking for new opportunities for cooperation, including transport and energy.

However, many of the German edition of the press made premature predictions that the summit of “the Three seas” in Warsaw would be anti-European (in the subtext — anti-German), or that Donald trump as well as at the time his namesake Rumsfeld, to play the card “new” Europe against “old”. But trump voiced texts, rather, was forced to recall Ronald Reagan, who, in the perception of many Western Europeans, too, were not very good. Anyway, this time the Foreword of the visit trump in Europe — including from the point of view of the Baltic States was far more informative than its sequel in Hamburg.

It is difficult to say to what extent the “new energy policy” of the White house (namely: the intention to ensure that the United States became the exporter of energy resources) will affect Europe. And how will this affect U.S. relations with Germany, which has so far served as a platform for the distribution of Russian gas and oil and always lobbied for the construction of gas pipelines through the Baltic sea, in the tradition of Schroeder presenting it as a purely commercial projects.

One thing is clear: we are interested in diversification of sources and routes of energy supplies that will enhance security in the broadest sense of the word. And energy US and the can play just as important a role as the American military presence. But it is necessary to say openly, not avoiding debate. Even with Germany.