The market of electric cars in Ukraine beats records

For the period from January to may of the current year in Ukraine the first registration number received 958 passenger cars, according to “Ukrautoprom”.

As a result, the share of vehicles with zero emissions on the primary market of passenger cars amounted to nearly 2%.

Compared to the same period last year, the demand for electric vehicles has grown 2.8 times.

However, it has significantly changed the age structure of the market for such a car. A year ago, the proportion of new vehicles in primary registrations of electric cars accounted for almost 45%, now only 18%.

The absolute leader on the Ukrainian market of cars that run on electricity remains a model of the NISSAN Leaf, the preference which he gave 816 motorists. This number is only 124 have purchased new machines, the rest were content with imported second-hand.

The second most popular among Ukrainians of electric vehicles was the Ford Focus Electric, he has a record of 37 car for five months (3 new and 34 used).

Completing the leadership trio of two cars: TESLA Model S and BMW i3, which for five months received 24 registration number. While the BMW i3 is a significant advantage in terms of new car – 16 of the Bavarians against 7 cars Elon musk.