The G20 summit in Hamburg struck the bottom

The summit of “twenty” with the participation of Donald trump, contempt pertaining to Western values, Vladimir Putin, triggering a bloody crises in different parts of the world, and Erdogan, destroying the opposition in his country should call a meeting at the bottom.

Trump has turned his term in the White house in a demonstration of contempt for the Western world, especially in relation to long-standing US allies that form the basis of the G20. Within just a few months, trump has destroyed the political and economic world order in which USA took a Central role. Putin openly laughing at the world, arming rebels in neighbouring democratic Ukraine, ensures the continuation of the bloody Assad regime in Syria, carrying out genocide of their own people. Turkish President Erdogan exposes the repression of all who opposed it, turning a democratic country into a Caliphate. With three such leaders meeting in Hamburg, the peak can not be called.

Putin created the problem that initiated the crisis that led to numerous victims, has put the world on the brink of a new cold war. What is all this reaction of the new President of the United States? “A great honor to be here with you,” said Putin trump. The Declaration of the ceasefire in several areas of Syria (similar statements repeatedly made in the past) have yet to pass the reality check. But at the meeting with the Kremlin leader trump had not uttered a single word about the Russian support for the Islamic regime in Iran is supporting international terrorism.

Well-known scientist, expert in the field of U.S. foreign policy, Ian Bremmer in his article in the Times gave a precise definition of the Hamburg summit — GZero. Pointless meeting with zero result and zero impact on international politics.