How to prepare your child for school – a medical advice

Over the summer, students sometimes forget the daily routine and mental stress. Closer to September, children need gradually to prepare for school, according to doctors.

“Do the usual morning and evening at the same time. After approximately three weeks the student develop into a habit. You can start with in order to make the bed, wash, dress, play and read every day at the same time. Motivation will help you to create any promotion in the event of a compliance regime”, says Elena Nikolova, a pediatrician of the clinic Into-Sana.

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To the adaptation process went as quickly as possible, it is necessary for a child to create a comfortable learning environment. You can prepare notebooks, books, pens and other supplies and to teach the child how to get ready for school.

You also need to organize the food. The child in the school did not feel hunger, you need to start cooking Breakfast more nutritious products, 15 minutes before Breakfast to drink a glass of water. According to pediatric gastroenterologist Victoria gulyayeva, water “to include” gastrointestinal reflex, and the baby’s “light” will go to school.

If the child is closed, you need to talk to him. Perhaps the student is difficult to establish contact with new people, or is he afraid to be different”, or afraid of ridicule. To help solve the problem of a story about your experience. The story must be a happy ending, it will give to your son or daughter confidence and optimism. But in this situation, an important Golden mean. Therefore, learn not only to speak but to listen.

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