Check it seven times – once buy: how to become the owner of the “apartment Ghost”?

Check it seven times – once buy: how to become the owner of the “apartment Ghost”?

The number of illegal buildings in Ukraine from year to year is growing. According to the urban cadastre, now in Kiev is under construction 62 residential complex with violations of norms. Almost a third of the total. In other cities the situation is not better, experts say. So once again I advise: before signing the deal carefully to check all the information about the selected object and the developer.

First and foremost, you should make sure the availability of documents on allocation of land plot for construction of a residential complex. It needs to be owned by the developer or a long-term lease. Pay attention to the intended purpose. If the land is not dedicated for public or residential development, feel free to say goodbye to the object — its construction at any time can be frozen.

You must pay attention to the resolution or a Declaration on the construction works (the first document issued at the IV-V categories of complexity, second-III). According to the President of construction Corporation “Riel” by Rostislav Melnyk, this is the moment the developers are abusing the most. Since the Declaration is easier to obtain, they claim the object as the third category of complexity, and as a result building houses the IV-V category. Upon first inspection this object can freeze or even carry after construction is completed.

You must also pay attention to the presence of:

— urban conditions and restrictions land development;

— specifications;

— project documentation.

Frauds with the last paragraph also now “trending” among developers, says Yaroslav Chapko, Director of City Development Solutions. The “extra” floors of buildings — the subject of scandals in the capital for the first year. That is, for example, officially, the object is declared as 8-storey and build 14-15. As a result of an apartment on the “extra” floors “Ghost”, which to documents — impossible.

Equally important step is to check the investment agreement for the construction project. According to experts, there are three legal schemes: the Fund construction financing, bonds and mutual funds. If the contract spelled out other options (e.g., HBC) — there is a risk to remain without a roof over your head.

Check the documents for any object can be on relevant sites — all information in the public domain. If searches don’t have time, remember — all these papers should provide you with the developer. In the absence of at least one of them to put into operation the object will be impossible, therefore, there is a risk to remain not only without utilities and postal address, but without the right of ownership of housing.