Putin would prefer Hillary

President Donald trump in the White house gave an interview to CBN founder Pat Robertson.


Pat Robertson: What do you think he wants? What’s he playing at?


Donald trump: He wants what is good for Russia. And I want what is good for the United States. And, I think, in cases like Syria where we can reach agreement, ceasefire, and other issues — and those issues were many — agree it would be very good. But Putin will always want what is good for Russia, and trump will want what is good for the United States. That is the case. To get along and sometimes fail and sometimes succeed. But we had a great meeting, meeting was a personal — face-to-face. It was long and lasted two hours and 15 minutes, and some were surprised it took so long. But there is nothing wrong, it’s good. Yes, and I think we found a common language, and that’s good. There is nothing wrong. The people said, “well, they don’t get along”. What kind of people that say that? We really hit it off with each other. Everything was very good. We are a very strong nuclear power. They are, too. And illogical, it is ridiculous not to have some kind of relationship.

This is a question about it even do not want to talk. But I repeat, we are the strongest country in the world, and we will be stronger. Because I’m a big supporter of much of the army, I advocate a strong army.

Here is an example: if defeated Hillary, our army would have been destroyed. Our electricity would be much more expensive. I use this to Putin and do not like. So I say: “why should I be attracted to him?” Because from the very first day, I want to strengthen our army — and it is not necessary. Because from the beginning I want to develop shale gas and do everything to reduce energy prices and create a powerful energy. We are independent, and we are already almost independent, we will export energy — and it is not necessary. He would have preferred Hillary, she would put the windmills. He would have liked it more, because it would increase energy prices, and Russia, as you know, very dependent on them.

So I do very much that is absolutely the opposite of what he wants. So when I hear that he would prefer trump, I think it’s probably not the case. Because I want to make our army stronger — and she (Hillary) would not allocate money for the army, you know. I want to create a powerful energy — we develop the production of coal, natural gas, master the technology of shale gas, do all the things that he really did not like it. But no one never talks about it.