The scientists said the danger of oral sex

The world health organization (who) stated that it is now much more difficult to treat than gonorrhea, and sometimes even impossible.

This is evidenced by data from 77 countries, according to the who website.

“The bacteria that cause gonorrhea, is very tricky. Every time we use a new class of antibiotics to treat this infection, bacteria adapt and develop drug resistance,” says Dr. Theodore VI, doctor, employee of Department on issues of human reproduction of the world health organization.

Gonorrhea resistant to antibiotics

According to who, more common is resistance to older and less expensive antibiotics. In some countries – especially countries with high income levels, where surveillance is most effective – there were cases of infection that is not treatable by any of the known antibiotics today.

“It may well be that these figures are just the tip of the iceberg, as the system of diagnosis and registration of cases of an incurable infection are often absent in countries with lower income level, which is characterized by a high prevalence of gonorrhea,” adds Dr VI (Wi).

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Estimates every year with gonorrhea, which is sexually transmitted, infected 78 million people. Sexually transmitted infection affecting the genital mucosa, rectum and throat. Complications of gonorrhea in disproportionately large extent, women suffer. Such complications include inflammation of the pelvis, ectopic pregnancy and infertility and a higher risk of HIV infection.

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Less systematic use of condoms, the growth of urbanization and tourism development, low rates of diagnosis of infection and the wrong appointment or the ineffectiveness of the medicines – all of this contributes to morbidity, it is noted on the who website.

Gonorrhea infects the throat during oral sex

Dangerous kind of gonorrhea a person can be infected during oral sex, the BBC reports.

Infection can affect the genitals, rectum and throat – and that is what doctors are most concerned about.

Dr. V said that antibiotics can cause the bacteria in the back of the throat, including and associated with gonorrhea develop resistance.

“When you use antibiotics to treat infections, such as strep throat, it affects the bacteria of the genus Neisseria in throat, and they develop resistance,” she notes.

Dip bacteria of gonorrhea in the environment via oral sex can cause superhoney.

It is believed that the decrease in condom use contributes to spread of infection.