In Japan, lion attack people

Two people were injured from the attack lion in Narita near Tokyo, said the Agency Kiodo.

In Narita is the nursery of the company Shonan Animal Production, specializing in the breeding and keeping wild animals for photography and filming.

While cleaning the cage of a lion, the predator attacked the Ministers and seriously injured 20-year-old boy and 50-year – old female with injuries to his legs and head, they rushed to the hospital.

In the cage was another servant, she was not injured.

The lion was wearing a collar and chain and left in a cage. About the reasons of aggression of the animal is not reported. In addition to the big cats in the cattery of the company horses, camel, Zebra, kangaroo, monkey, dog.

Earlier it was reported that in the suburbs of Beijing on the two women was attacked by a tiger, one of them died.