The journey along the Dniester canyon: a unique “Yuri” and “Girlish tears”

To find the map of sea gate of our port “Rakovets” not easy, though, to do this, perhaps, is everyone. Let there not drop your passengers on the giant liner and “spend the night” cruisers, but there is only one in the world for its design and unique comfort ship “Yuri.”

THE PORT AND THE MIRACLE SHIP. “Just say the spirit will grab every hundred meters!”, – warns on the banks of the sailor Alexander. We had no choice but to believe his word – the road to the port itself may become a tourist route. For the incomplete one and a half hours as we drove from Ivano-Frankivsk, bronze fields were replaced by emerald-green hills, and along roads surrounded by a scattering of poppies, rhythmically pacing the storks. To get to “Rakovets” is most convenient by car or bus. The second option is ideal for 10 to 12 people and will cost 150 UAH each. On arrival travelers will have a real surprise – the ubiquitous greens, wooden house, lawn in front of it and wooden sunbeds.

The main character of all this splendor – the ship “Yuri” – moored on the banks of the Dniester. Two decks, fourteen meters in length, almost six in width and twelve tons. At first glance the ship seems tiny, but the illusion is dissipated when you first get on Board. Inside is a world – catering cabins (two for four and one for two people), tables, chairs, grill on the nose. Day cruise with meals on the ship will cost 800 UAH per person. The Creator of the ship Yuri Spitzer notes – model is patented and officially registered as a watercraft. Moreover, this is the only vehicle in the country that can walk on shallow Dniester. If similar, flat-bottomed vessels need at least a meter of water, “Yuri” able to go where the depth is only 25 cm This was achieved using a unique paddle wheels, was developed by engineers from Lviv “Polytechnic”. While in open sea, the ship can take a mile! But, anyway, its main advantage – travel on the Dniester.

CASTLE ON THE CLIFF. Sitting comfortably, watching the final preparations – waiters put on Board the dishes and food, and the sailor pulls the ladder, raises the flag, pays off. Just a few minutes and the rumble of the paddle wheels travel. Vehicle speed above 10 km/h and we hope that he will go as slowly as possible – to feel the magic of the Dniester canyon forget about haste. Not casual it a few years ago got a list of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. Here on one side of the horizon to leave the field, the other the firmament back green wall. At the same time every bend of the river shore changing beauty – here a steep slope on the left, and after 50 meters, he’s on the right. The canyon stretches almost 250 km, and stopped at the junction of four regions – Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Khmelnytsky.

Soon we approach the first attraction of the route – Rakovets castle. Stop just inches from the shore (superpower “Yuriy”) and then stumble upon a spring source. Someone begins to pour cold water on someone is gaining it in the road. On steep slope, on top of which the remains of the castle. It was built in the XVII century, after which he quickly gained fame as the strategic object – stationed here, the soldiers repeatedly repulsed the attacks of the Turkish troops. Unfortunately, because of wars and time have survived only the tower and a piece of the wall. But its grandeur and suggestiveness of the building has not lost to wind battered the walls still want to touch it, imagining the great battle.

GIRLISH TEARS. Satisfy the historical thirst again climb on the ship. Hiding from the midday heat, watching cooking lunch on the bow of the ship, welcome monoprophylaxis kayakers. Someone notices on the starboard side standing in the middle of the river, stork. While the stately bird flew from rock to rock, chattering camera shutters. Soon stop in the shallows, the sailor throws the anchor and offers to swim. The water is cool and clean, no one wants to return on Board, but we are waiting for another landmark waterfall “Girlish tears.” “Yuri” again approaches closely to the shore and his team are satisfied with the rise of a small hill on a rope. Underfoot slip wet clay, neck tickling the trees, and somewhere in the distance you can hear the falling water. Finally, go up to the falls and freeze – the place is absolutely unique and magical. Its peculiarity is that the upper ridge is growing all the time – the water brings calcium, which is deposited on the ledges of rocks. If you choose the angle, it gives the impression that with the heavy rock drops of liquid silver, scattering around the icy drops.

On the way back, savor the experience, dry falls and are happy that the searing heat was replaced by easy coolness. The team jokes that the weather can make a sharp turn in ten minutes. As if hearing this, the clouds poured lead and “Yuri” gets a torrential downpour with hail. Tourists instantly go down to the first deck, admiring the impenetrable wall, trying to take pictures quickly retrousse fields with herds of cows. Just an hour later, again moored in the port “Rakovets”. Impressions – weight, I want to enjoy nature, to climb the hill to the castle and freeze in the “Girlish tears.” But do not want to leave.

The cruise itinerary can be viewed here.