The best products in the mail!

Remote trade for Ukrainians a familiar and convenient service. To date, the number of supporters is constantly growing. The recipe of popularity of the mail directories is very simple, they allow you to buy what you need, what you want and where it is convenient.

“A package arrived for you! Come and get it” – these words are familiar to everyone from childhood. Beautiful box with necessary and useful goods, selected with the help of the catalogue is always a pleasant surprise. Here is the secret of success consists of positive emotions, convenience and saving time, because everything you need can be purchased from the comfort of home.

The number of items in the mail directory, as a rule, exceeds the range of the middle of the store. Because the product will easily satisfy the needs of the whole family. Exclusive cosmetics and medical tools, household chemicals and other household products can easily be ordered by mail. Remote trade is beneficial primarily to the buyer, because the goods mail better price. You can always choose products to your taste and budget.

It is important that mail-order catalogs is understandable for people of any age. And you can order the goods by mail is possible even where there is no Internet and shops. Thus, the person receives a guaranteed opportunity to buy the best products regardless of place of residence, the availability of an appropriate range of shops or ability to connect to the Internet. That is why the countries of the European Union and the United States purchase by mail carry out 85% of the population and the turnover of distance selling reach 7% of national GDP.

In Ukraine the scale of this market is less. However, it is projected that in the next few years a quarter of retail sales will be done through the mail. Be sure to add examples of successful Ukrainian companies. Enough to remember how popular catalogs of the company “Rodynnyi club”. The range of goods in these directories are carefully selected, balanced and constantly updated. Great demand for goods of its own production under the brand “Country brand”. They are made from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. Also popular products from the categories of “health and Beauty”, “every house”, “Book kaleidoscope”.

“We are constantly ordered to “Country club”, we like a large selection of products, their high quality and excellent service,” says a client of the company Galina novel. Order easily by mail, phone 0-800-300-105 or on the website Payment is made only after the receipt of the parcel at the post office. If the goods do not come, you will return the money”.

“Rodynnyi Club” appreciates all customers, so everyone that makes a purchase, receives from the company a guaranteed gift. But that’s not all! Each buyer gets the opportunity to take part in the draw for big cash prizes or even a car-SUV.

Please note, the process of drawing and award prizes from the “Country Club” takes place under the close supervision of the project of independent journalists “PRIZE PATROL”.

In the “Country club” everyone is a winner!