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Of course, there is a difference, when after the summit, the President returned to the country with the opposition and various media, and the other to a country where he more or less controls the lighting of their actions. Friday every minute of meeting Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin behind closed doors in the halls of Hamburg, in Moscow, the growing euphoria, and in Washington nervous.

“Melania trump was barely able to pick up my husband from Vladimir Putin” — happy state TV channel “Russia”. Probably, she was worried that she would have one to go to a concert at the Philharmonic. In the talk show “60 minutes” had consistently supported live from Hamburg, and is a leading Eugene Poponin never tired of repeating that there is now “the fate of the world.” According to all participants, the meeting proved once again that Russia again “is perceived as a global player in world politics.”

“Putin and trump has found a path to peace in Syria and Ukraine,” reads the title of the largest Russian tabloid “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on the following day. The meeting was “a breakthrough,” said Senator Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the international Affairs Committee of the Federation Council. “Psychologically — just maybe, it will happen in practice.” When the two presidents are not on confrontation but on a specific outcome, its achievement is only a matter of time, said the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

“Moskovsky Komsomolets” tried to draw a historical parallel, published an article entitled “the Meeting on Elba”. The so-called first meeting between red army soldiers and U.S. army on German soil on April 25, 1945. United States and the Soviet Union liberated Europe from fascism. Since then, the two superpowers more than half a century decided the fate of the world between themselves.

Two newcomers from the business against almost 40 years of diplomatic experience

Some experts on foreign policy in the White house did not want to let trump in for a meeting. At his side was Rex Tillerson. Two newcomers from the business against the total 40 years of diplomatic experience. Lavrov got it at the head of the UN mission and the foreign Minister, Putin — alternating between President and Prime Minister. The circle was so small that I had to rely on the words of people who are known for their flexible approach to the truth (except Tillerson). In addition, both the President kept another promise that the two can make a deal, if you forget an old argument and talk eye to eye.

Even if there is nothing concrete, but a recently-concluded cease-fire, it is at least consistent with the atmosphere. “Trump on TV is very different from real,” — said Putin at a press conference. Whether he had in mind a private or American TV, is not known. In any case, trump knew, “with whom he spoke, and quickly answered questions”.

“Hard and long” conversation

Putin, whose relations with former US President Barack Obama recently was pretty cool, now hoped. There is reason to believe “that we can, at least partially, to restore the level of cooperation that we need”. Trump refused the press conference, but on the way home sent a message that it was “a fantastic meeting”.

The details he left Tillerson. He called “the chemistry between the two leaders clearly positive”. Both presidents held a “hard and long” conversation. Opinions differ substantially in how hard was confrontation. Especially on a topic that almost keeps Washington in voltage (namely, the issue of manipulation in US elections).

Trump “asked many questions” about the allegations of hacking, Putin said, “and I answered them. I thought he understood it,” — said Putin. The Americans, meanwhile, believe that trump has received assurances from Putin. It is obvious that both presidents avoided the question. But to bury him because of the possibility of attempts to create joint working group for combating cybercrime; it seems highly questionable step given the mood in the United States.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, trying to show the President a tough negotiator. “Everyone knows that Russia intervened in our elections,” she told CNN. Now the President of the United States it is important to “look into Putin’s eyes, to let him know that, Yes, we know it was you, stop.”

One would expect that Putin does not recognize this intervention. “Russia tries to save face.” Each country needs to know “what will be the consequences if anyone interferes in our elections.” On the question of what the consequences will be for Russia, Haley said, “I think you should ask the President.”

Working group on cybersecurity issues

A leading Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, called the meeting to trump Putin low accurate of the G20 summit. U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously concluded that the Russian President deliberately intervened in elections in the United States. However, trump seems to “have accepted the lies of Putin about the impact on elections and, therefore, almost certainly paved the way for interference in upcoming elections”.

What trump agreed with Putin on the working group on cyber security. It’s like “cops and robbers agreed to establish a working group on Bank robbery”. Putin has set a trap, and trump caught, says Jennifer Psaki, spokesman for the State Department under Barack Obama, in an article for CNN. Institutions of the United States, Democrats and even many Republicans and White house experts believe that the Russian intervention was. “But the simple assurance of President Putin removed this topic from the agenda”.