Tension on the Korean Peninsula continue to exert international pressure

On the Korean Peninsula remains tense situation. The DPRK is not going to abandon nuclear tests and missile launches. The international community led by Japan, the US and South Korea can only continue to provide diplomatic and military pressure. You can’t loosen the grip.

You must also force China and Russia to behave responsibly. Most importantly, the establishment of such sanctions network that it had no flaws.

During the Congress, the ruling party held on the eve of the founding of the Korean people’s army, which is celebrated on 25 April, North Korea said: “If the enemy will become a military threat, we completely eliminate the aggression with a preemptive nuclear strike.”

Prior to this, the DPRK Committee for peace in the Asia-Pacific region, said: “One nuclear warhead will wipe South Korea off the face of the earth, the Japanese Islands will be under water, in the United States spilled a nuclear rain. You will regret it.”

In response, the United States sent to the Korean Peninsula nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. Was conducted us-Korean and us-Japan military exercises. In Busan I went to the American nuclear submarine USS “Michigan” with cruise missiles on Board.

On 23 April President of the trump called the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and the head of China XI Jinping, discussed the North Korean problem. On 24 April he was invited to the White house representatives of the UN Security Council, has covered them for dinner and offered to prepare even tougher additional sanctions.

During this event, trump also said that humanity has for decades turned a blind eye to North Korean threat. The American leader is doing the right thing. While South Korea and the United States pursued a policy of “sun” and “strategic patience” accordingly, the DPRK was developing military technology, becoming a real threat to the world. With the DPRK’s policy of appeasement is not working. History confirms this.

April 28, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will meet in the headquarters of the UN Ministerial meeting of the UN Security Council. It also will take part the Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan Fumio Kishida (Fumio Kishida). Prime Minister Abe this week will visit Russia and hold talks with President Putin. During the meeting, Japan should play a significant role: to strengthen the coalition against the DPRK.

Recently Russia announced the creation of the DPRK, together with the regular ferry. This route will go by steam “Manganon”, against which Japan has imposed sanctions and banned from entering its ports. Prime Minister Abe must Express our strong protest in connection with the fact that the Kremlin is trying to breach in the sanctions network. After that, Russia also needs to attract to ensure that it has put pressure on Pyongyang.

Furthermore, Japan should take advantage of the tension, to try to find ways to rescue their citizens kidnapped by the DPRK.