182-day trouble for one important day: how to organize a perfect wedding

After a month of the wedding boom begin: end of lent, the long-awaited heat. According to statistics of the Ministry of justice, at this time in our country traditionally increases the number of weddings. Hence, many couples in the midst of preparing for an important holiday. The wedding is considered as one of the main events in a person’s life, no matter we are talking of a modest celebration in a small circle or a large-scale outdoor party with a show program — still every couple wants to make this day special, beautiful and memorable.

According to experts, for one of the wedding day that couples have to “bother” as many as 182 days! “Planning a wedding in 90% of cases does the bride says wedding expert, the head of the portal Wedding.ua Victoria Shatohina. — As we have seen in attendance and the movement by heading to our website, the preparation process usually takes six months. It’s the perfect amount of time to do everything”.

To organize a wedding on their own or with the help of wedding agencies and wedding organizers. The latter option certainly makes life easier for the bride and groom, but costs money: the cost of Agency services, as a rule, is 10% of the total wedding budget.

Universal recipe for a perfect wedding does not exist. However, there are rules on which this event later on our guests and the newlyweds themselves. How to make the wedding memorable? Where and what to save? How to choose a good leader? To understand these and other issues, we are starting the project “dream Wedding”: two times a month we will publish expert advice on the preparation of a magical holiday.


Dmitri and Lily met in July 2015 at the Kiev military hospital, where Lily as a volunteer cared for the injured Dmitry. “He had multiple shrapnel wounds entire body — blogged the Lily. — Still left the fragments of the heart, in the head, in the cheek, across his left hand. Doctors were unable to save three fingers on his left hand… But Dima is in this serious condition, I was impressed by the strength of character and desire to live. When he felt better, he began to help us, the volunteers. Then he was transferred to Irpin hospital, and we continued to talk on the phone. And once I admitted to myself that I want to see him again. It is interesting that erupted between us light first noticed Dima’s mother. And said: “Dima, you have me, my son, daughter-in-law looked after?”. But in the hospital I often get asked to my brother if I care.

When we first kissed, my first butterflies in my stomach fluttered! And when Dima left for a month for rehabilitation in Slovenia, every day we’d spend hours talking on the phone. One day he said “marry me”. The offer was made over a thousand miles from each other, and I thought — maybe it’s nostalgia? But when we met at the airport, Dima stopped and knelt on one knee and in front of hundreds of people handed me the ring, repeating his offer. I immediately agreed as they made Dima nervous.”

Today, the pair together is volunteering. Free time try to spend together — go to theatres, cinema. Dmitry slowly developing hand. “We have previously described our wedding, — says Dmitry. — I wish that it was spring, when the trees Wake up and everything blooms, but not in a stuffy registry office, and the nature”. “I have a grown daughter, continues Lily. — I want, she led me to the altar.”

Couple. Dmitry proposed to Lily at the airport


“The number of marriages in Ukraine in recent years remains approximately the same, — says the head of the group for the wedding ceremonies of the Central Department of the state registration of marriage Olga svatkova. For example, in the Central registry office annually registers approximately a little more than 5,000 applications, and this number remains unchanged the last 5 years. Even last year, which was leap year, not distinguished by statistics, although we expected that wanting will be much less. Moreover: last year in August, we registered a record number of applications for registration of marriage — 90 pairs in one day! This suggests that the desire to marry is affected neither by the year nor the month.

The most popular wedding months, according to our data — August and September, and the most popular age of marriage of Ukrainians — from 24 to 33. Interestingly, much more was to marry older people after 50 years. We had in the past year, 87-year-old American who married a Ukrainian woman, younger than him by several years. Unusual to see the same kind of marriage. Sometimes it looks cute, but sometimes a bit strange. In any case, we are pleased to see that the love for all ages!

By the way, in our registry office to marry a lot of foreigners. There are even African marriage. They have their own traditions and national clothing, that looks interesting”.

Almost always order a pair of the ceremony, says svatkova: it is beautiful and festive, and inexpensive (until recently in the Central registry office, the wedding ceremony cost up to 300 UAH). Some pairs didn’t do the ceremony only because they already had scheduled a retreat: such couples in the registry office take the marriage certificate and exchanged rings somewhere near the lake or in the restaurant.

“Last time also increased the number of couples who come to the registry office just the two of us: without witnesses, parents and friends, but still, the ceremony order, — says Olga svatkova. — Some painted and straight from the registry office to go to the airport to go on a honeymoon”.

The Registrar’s office. A couple came in t-shirts with the date of his painting


For the fourth consecutive year in the spring in the capital is the “Annual ball, the opening wedding of the season.” “Girls in gorgeous gowns, men in tuxedos, dancing, contests, prizes and a party atmosphere — so you can briefly describe our event,” — says the organizer of the ball, the head of the portal Wedding.ua Victoria Shatohina. This year the ball came more than 800 guests: brides and grooms, stars and wedding businesses from all over Ukraine. The guests of the ball have learned to dance the polka and Polonaise, learned about fashion wedding trends 2017, I watched the new types of shows that can be safely used in the celebrations of weddings, and estimated the trends of wedding and evening dresses of the coming season.

Luxury. Guests of the wedding ball saw new dresses

“We had two shows — says Victoria. Traditionally bridesmaid dresses and outfits for the young bridesmaids. This year designers presented Bridal dresses for brides with curvy hips and large bust, they showed girl model plus size. The idea is to develop a range of such outfits appeared long ago. We noticed that many Ukrainian brides do not hudyshki. Anyway long been asking myself: why fashion catwalk models come only with a fragile body?”

At the ball and launched a joint with the newspaper “Today” charity project “dream Wedding”: Lily and Dmitry Blohin. exchanged rings and with the help of wedding expert, began preparations for the wedding of their dreams.

A reverent moment. Lily and Dmitry Blohin. exchange rings