Lopez — the new face of Venezuela

Historical experience teaches us that regimes fall when the scene comes a hero, suffering for the interests of the people. Apartheid would never have collapsed without Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years in a jail cell measuring three by four meters, without his wife Winnie Mandela and without the party the African national Congress, which realized that the best weapon for Africans is the image of the indomitable fighter.

Fidel Castro, who was both a poser and a revolutionary, he realized that in the era of Hollywood and the young Kennedy it is very important to create a mythical character. A sort of Cuban Robin hood, who fought against the Batista dictatorship and declared: “History will absolve me”. Long ago the world lost the ability to understand what is happening in Latin America, especially in such closely related countries like Venezuela and Cuba. In recent months, Venezuela is experiencing the agony of the regime, which begins to defy its own laws, forcing even the major companions to leave the ship, drifting in a sea of blood.

The recent failure of the Organization of American States, the split between some countries and the expectations of others, common interests and ideological connection with chavismo has led to the fact that the regime of Maduro and the regime in Caracas — and in the current environment are two different things — have been able to succeed. This happened despite the Mexican initiative, in terms of indifference on the part of the US and the tacit involvement of many countries.

In the subconscious of Latinos continues to live the idea that the uprising against America’s “big stick” are one of the few battles for the dignity of peoples and cultures. Leopoldo lópez (Leopoldo López), the most famous political prisoner of Venezuela has already been placed under house arrest after three years in the military prison of Ramo Verde. Lopez is not only a symbol of resistance, he also argues that beliefs and ideas can be stronger than bullets and batons.

The few relatives I could visit him in prison, knew that Lopez was suspected of a possible change of the conditions of his detention in only one detail: his guards wore clean uniforms and had shaved. All finally became clear when a former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero unexpectedly arrived in prison Ramo Verde, spoke with the guards and then with Lopez.

In the last month the guards were faultless. It was during this period, the regime was saying the conditions of his release. But the main role was played by fear themselves chavistas, who saw pictures of attack of the National Assembly last Wednesday. In such a situation in any of the States, they have to escape can not. Except that in Cuba or in Bolivia.

From this point, the regime has made efforts to change the political situation. What Zapatero was able to open the door with a key, which began a three-month protest of the Venezuelan people. This happened for the first time in history.

Nobody knows what is really going on inside chavismo. No one knows if all will shoot the second man of the regime, Diosdado Cabello (Diosdado Cabello), or his arrest earlier. But we do know that the Maduro government will have to answer for the violence against the Parliament, which even now, despite all the despicable manipulation of the laws and violation of the Constitution, continues to be the expression of the will of the people divided into two camps.

Your Mandela we have Venezuela now is. Now it is interesting to see announced any De Klerk among chavistas, when the fall of the current government, are only able to buy weapons, but helpless in ensuring the basic needs of the population. The return of the Lopez home and the shelling of the National Assembly means the point of no return the final sunset of the Chavez regime, now turned into a parody performed by Maduro.