Bannon left the NSC — but defeated Lee McMaster?

The administration’s decision to withdraw the trump adviser to the President on policy and strategic issues Stephen Bannon (Stephen Bannon) of the national security Council, as well as the possible link Deputy Advisor to the President for national security K. T. Mcfarland (K. T. McFarland) in Singapore as the US Ambassador, apparently, indicate that Lieutenant-General G. R. McMaster (H. R. McMaster), appointed national security adviser, finally began to succeed.


But don’t rush it. Other signals indicate that the command of the President trump matters of national security still remain weak and inefficient. And, while some congratulate the General McMaster with a great victory, in reality it will abstrait completely different.


According to rumors, after President trump hired General McMaster, he gave him complete freedom in the choice of personnel. However, Ms. Mcfarland, that General McMaster wants to withdraw from the Board, worked in it for over a month. Moreover, in mid-March, General McMaster tried to dismiss Ezra Cohen-Jacket (Ezra Cohen-Watnick) as Director of the national security Council the White house for exploration. However, Mr. Cohen-Jacket, who held the position since, Michael Flynn (Michael Flynn) was an adviser to the President on issues of national security, complained to Mr. Bannon and Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner) who convinced Mr. trump’s leave it on this post.


The idea that the 30-year-old Mr. Cohen-the Jacket needs to be the Director of the national security Council on intelligence — a post which under the administration of Obama and other presidents always got the senior personnel officers of the CIA — seems highly questionable. Moreover, the decision to dismiss Mr. Cohen-his Jacket was within the competence of the General McMaster. And the order of Mr. trump to cancel is understandable and routine decision concerning personnel, not only violated the terms of his agreement with General McMaster, but turned this into an episode of apparent obstructionism by the White house.


A few days after his reinstatement, Mr. Cohen-the Jacket was one of three White house staff, who prepared the materials for the Chairman of the Committee of the house of representatives Devin Nunez (Devin Nunes) “collateral observation” for the representatives of the election headquarters of Mr. trump, who Mr. núñez used in order to divert the attention of the media and the public from investigating possible links between members of the team, Mr. trump and the Russian government seeks to influence the outcome of the presidential election. But if you think a little, it becomes clear how inept and ill-advised was the attempt to divert the attention of: Mr. nuñez stated the need to obtain new information on surveillance to warn the President, but the most information was at the disposal of the White house and, thus, were available to Mr. trump and without the intervention of Mr. nuñez.

Thus, Mr. Cohen-Jacket contributed to this issue in the interests of the administration and against the interests of Congress in the investigation of the interference of Russia. If the national security Council functioned as expected, this would not have happened. You can make quite a substantiated conclusion that Mr. trump wanted to keep pliable an ally as the main intermediary between the White house and the intelligence community. To arrange the cancellation of the orders of General McMaster about the dismissal of Mr. Cohen-Jacket, Mr. Bannon did not have to occupy an official position in the national security Council. Another patron, Mr. Cohen-Jacket — Mr. Kouchner, too, was not of such a post. Even given the fact that Mr. Bannon is no longer included in the narrow composition of the Committee, he will be able to manipulate the national security Council through Mr. trump, who is likely to perceive the Council as a private Corporation, designed to broadcast Executive acts made by members of his entourage. Currently, General McMaster, obviously, is not part of the entourage of Mr. trump.


Although some may consider the situation with Mr. Cohen, the Jacket a certain deviation, the actual results of the work of the national security Council pretty hard to ignore. Interagency coordination — the main function of the Council leaves much to be desired.


During his first official visit to Beijing, Secretary of state Rex Tillerson (Rex W. Tillerson) carelessly throw around such currently fashionable formulations, as a “mutually beneficial solution” and “mutual respect”, describing the relationship between the US and China. Such language, apparently, was a signal of surrender the United States to the geopolitical position of China, determined to secure for itself a sphere of influence. This was another example in a series of confusing changes in the tone and content of statements from Washington. Matt Pottinger (Matt Pottinger), Director of the Asia program at the national security Council, wrote a memo in which he tried to guard against the use of such language. The fact that no one, apparently, paid no attention to his warning, indicates how insignificant the role of this Council in the White house trump.


This week, during the visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Abdel Fattah el-Sisi) to the White house, Mr. trump began to praise his brutal authoritarian regime, praising its “fantastic work”. Such a demonstration of warm feelings strengthened the hopes of the Cairo that the United States should contribute to the Egyptian “Muslim brotherhood” — a powerful political force in the country — in the list of terrorist organizations. Although Mr. Flynn would support such a decision are much more pragmatic General McMaster is not ready to demonize the Islamists and may not support adding them to the list of terrorists. His inability to influence the situation shows just how far he is from the circle of confidants of Mr. trump.


Next. On Tuesday, April 4, Mr. trump made a rather sluggish condemning a statement in which he expressed his disapproval at the fact that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, killing more than 100 people. In his statement, he offered no clear solutions, but the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) hinted that it would be “stupid” to call for regime change in the absence of any alternatives. The next day, during an emergency meeting of the UN security Council, Nikki Haley (Nikki Haley), US Ambassador to the UN, voiced a very different position, condemning the regime and saying that the United States should act unilaterally if the UN security Council will not be able to propose effective measures. (After that, Mr. trump has tried to make adjustments in their own statements, noting that his attitude toward Syria “has changed greatly”.)


In each of these cases, the stated position of one of the representative structures of national security are not consistent with the position of the other. One of the key tasks of the national security Council is to assist the President in achieving consensus in each particular foreign policy issue, according to the positions of the various agencies and contributing to the formulation of a clear and integrated approach. The Council regularly provides to the President the key information and analyses of proposals put forward by other members of his administration. The value of this matching process is to send a clear signal to adversaries and allies regarding the position and intentions of the United States.


The work of the national security Council has a secret character, so many of its details remain hidden from the public. The Board performed all the traditional tasks, however, Mr. trump simply ignored the results. Perhaps the lack of coordination and coherence is a characteristic of the work of the authority, Mr. trump. However, if this is the case, the situation casts doubt on the practical significance of the national security Council. Undoubtedly, the Council will work better and have greater freedom of action in the absence of Mr. Bannon, who inspired the members of the Council his eccentric, dangerous and often contradicting facts ideas. However, this institution was truly effective, regardless of its specific composition, Mr. trump should treat his work with more respect than now.