Interest in trump’s relations with Russia grows

This week the headlines were devoted to the offspring of Donald trump, and against this background the results of searches in Google show that the interest in his administration’s relations with Russia again improved.

Because members of the Republican party in Congress may be ready to abandon the President only if an overwhelming number of people will be biased against him, the search query data are useful — albeit indirect — indication how much attention people in the United States are paying to the events that in recent months, one after the other generate a wave of public concern in Washington. As a crude indicator of public interest, search query data in Google on this subject show an increased interest in the relations between the President of the United States Donald trump and Russia, although these figures are still far from previous peak.

The data search tool Google Trends show that queries on “trump Russia” this week rose to relative values of 37, whereas the highest (100) was observed at the moment when the Internet site Buzzfeed published an unverified (and sometimes obscene) dossier about alleged links to Mr. trump with Russia. Another peak with a rate of 94 occurred at the moment when trump fired the FBI Director James Komi. After that the number of queries on the subject dropped, and the focus was on domestic issues such as the ongoing attempts of Republicans to repeal the health care reform introduced by the Obama administration (Obamacare).

The five-week moving average rate of interest on request “trump Russia” (21,4) is now only slightly higher than the may values of 2016. However, many publications this week about last year’s meeting the son of Mr. trump Donald trump Jr. with a Russian lawyer in the course of the election campaign could lead to a more sustainable level of public interest, provided that such headlines will dominate the news cycles. In addition, currently the impression is that Donald Trump Jr. before the mentioned meeting, the following was stated: the information is part of Moscow’s efforts aimed to increase the chances of winning in the presidential race, his father.