That is now resolved in Moscow

In Moscow the issue of power. The election issue has already adopted a decision, which discusses the tip in advance now. At around Putin have very serious doubts about whether he will be able to perform its functions in relations with the West, especially after the humiliating meeting with Macron, when the French President showed how to talk to this subject.

So the meeting with trump at the G20 summit was very important from the point of view of the position of Putin in the Russian elite. And here she was for him very well. This, of course, podygryvanii Russian propaganda: “what a great statesman, as he had a long conversation with a tramp” and so on. That trump was able to give him.

By the way, before you go trump in Washington was a very serious discussion: the majority not only in Congress, but also members of the Cabinet of the American President was opposed to formal long meetings. Offered to face somewhere in the corridor near the toilet — and it will be enough for Putin. But no, trump insisted on a large-scale format and all that Putin needs for domestic consumption — and how it can solve the issues with the West as valued in the role of one of the world leaders — all this was shown and greatly strengthened the position of Putin. It is no coincidence that immediately after the “Big twenty” he started essentially his campaign: went to Yekaterinburg, intensified attacks on the opposition, first of all, on Bulk. He convinced most of the so-called Russian elite that cope with their responsibilities. This — with one hand.

But from the point of view of relations between Russia and the United States, on all key issues, this meeting was a complete failure. Because trump still understands that some personal attention it can give to Putin, but it is worth it to take a step to deal with Putin, especially in regard to Ukraine, it will be met with the indignation of most of the establishment. By the way, in Ukraine almost as advances in Moscow said that the United States has appointed a special representative for Ukraine. But who? This is the former U.S. representative to NATO, a close associate of McCain. And immediately after the summit he went to Kiev along with Tillerson to reiterate the U.S. position on support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. That is no expected of shifts in bilateral relations with the US did not happen. But with his domestic challenge in Russia, Putin did it.

At the same time, why was this Trump is the biggest mystery. What makes him all the time to make any gifts to Putin? Now he’s in Washington have to get out from under all that happened. This is the big mystery: what causes it to play along with Putin is stupid or some more serious reasons incriminating evidence or something. To the best of their ability, he does something nice for Putin, but this measure is not so great. In Moscow, however, thought enough to help one narrow-minded person to become a President and all the issues she chooses. But in the US the President has very limited power and cannot offer Moscow anything serious.