Putin met with his supporter

At the summit of the G20 group of countries in Hamburg, Germany, Donald trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a man whose fingerprints were all over the place on the scale that determined the victory of the trump. It was like a meeting of the father with his offspring. But was this their first meeting? Maybe and maybe not.

For many years, trump claimed that he met with Putin. In addition, he talked about the fact that they have established an excellent relationship.

Then, in July of 2016, there was a 180-degree turn. At one press conference, trump said, “I don’t know who is Putin”. It so happened that it was the same press conference where he supported the idea of holding a Russian cyber attack on the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton in order to “find 30 thousand missing e-mails”.

Obviously, these two statements — “trump has a great relationship with Putin and trump does not know Putin” — can’t both be true.

I say this to remind you of this: we cannot allow things like this become normal and acceptable. Our “President” is a pathological liar. He lies about everything all the time. To lie is his permanent state.

Therefore it is impossible to believe what he says or his team members — you can’t do never.

Not forgetting about it, we learn from Rex Tillerson, our Secretary of state and the person awarded Putin the order of Friendship of peoples, that trump “has opened his meeting with Putin, expressing concerns of the American people against the Russian intervention in elections in 2016”. In addition, trump several times “harshly” asked Putin, and Putin, of course, again denied Russian interference.

The Russian claim that trump took this refutation of Putin, although the White house rejects such an interpretation. Trump is lying and Putin is constantly cheating. Who to believe?

Presentation Tillerson raises questions.

When asked about if outlined trump those consequences that Russia will face for its attack on our elections, Tillerson said that trump and Putin focused on “how to move forward” because “it is not clear whether they will ever agree on any resolution on this issue between the two Nations.” Tillerson also said that trump and Putin agreed to establish a working group “on the issue of cyber attacks and non-interference”.

It is also outrageous. In my opinion, trump is not presented in a rigid form and the fact that Russia attacked our elections, and that he will try to punish Russia. Analysis of the statements made gives a very different picture, and it turns out that Russia let off the hook. And all this talk about the establishment of a working group on cybersecurity with the Russians is like inviting a burglar to help you design your alarm system.

That’s the kind of tirade placed tramp on a Sunday morning on his Twitter page: “I twice in a rigid form asked President Putin about the Russian intervention in our elections. He categorically denied it. I have already expressed my opinion…”

However, the opinion of trump, as it was expressed the day before his meeting with Putin was to ensure that the question of the source of the attack remains to some extent open. During a press conference in Warsaw, Poland, trump said: “I fully admit that it could be Russia, but with the same success it could be and other countries.” It is a slap in the face to our intelligence community, whose members unanimously delivered its verdict: it was Russia! Trump continued on Twitter: “… We discussed the ceasefire in parts of Syria that will help save lives. Now it is time to move on in regard to constructive work with Russia!”

No, sir, the time has come not to “move forward” with Russia, and in order to “move forward” against her.

Last week, CNN reported that “Russian spies are increasing their efforts to collect intelligence in the United States. As they say current and former employees of us intelligence agencies, there is intensification of such activities after the elections”.

CNN continued: “According to these officials, one of the biggest opponents of the United States perceives as promoting the absence of significant retaliation on the part of the administration’s trump, and the Obama administration”.

And on Saturday the New York Times reported on the meeting between the members of the electoral team of trump and people associated with the Kremlin.

“Two weeks later, after Donald trump made the nomination as the candidate of the Republican party, his eldest son organized a meeting in the “trump Tower” in Manhattan, one of a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin. This is stated in a secret government document, the content of which became known edition of the New York Times” — noted in this article.

This previously unannounced meeting attended by Paul Manafort (Paul J. Manafort), who headed the electoral headquarters of Mr. trump and President-in-law Jared Kushner”, — the authors of this publication. According to the staff of the New York Times, “it was the first confirmed private meeting between the Russian citizen and the people from the inner circle, Mr. trump during his presidential campaign.”

America is under constant and possibly increasingly intense attacks by a foreign power that attacked our elections, then how is trump not only expresses doubt about the source of these attacks, but refuses to punish the offender, and, in fact, inclined to praise. All this is very disgusting story, and we must not relax efforts until finally the source of this rot.