Ukraine: the path of dictatorship and war

Ukraine is inexorably falling apart, and nobody and nothing can stop her crazy movement to the precipice. And while some believe that the situation is already quite serious and that catastrophism strike should not be, Dmitry Orlov argues in the last article, other: it only gets worse.

“We are a nation that is falling apart and at war with itself. It’s run by thieves who interfere with the mains playing with key suppliers to cater to the fanatic”nationalists”, without losing money. You would be right if I say that the situation is pretty bad. And now, even not too important how much, because the worse it can become always.”

His view confirms what I say for that month: the “nationalist” solution to the current Ukrainian authorities simply lead to suicide. I recommend you read his interesting article, which among other things can tell a lot about the implications of these decisions for the Ukrainian grid and their risks for nuclear security of the entire European continent.


For those who have any questions, why this ideology is so destructive, Orlov explains that the Ukrainian cultural identity is closely connected with the permanent representation of themselves as victims. If something goes wrong, the blame always is not they, but someone else. Unfortunately, to go forward with that mindset it is impossible. If you can’t learn from their mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them until death.

“The cultural identity of Ukraine is directly based on resentment and victim. She’s always been an independent state, as an appendage in the best case, Russia, and apart from it — Poland, Romania, Austro-Hungary and Nazi Germany. All periods of Ukrainian statehood periods was foreign (not Russian) occupation. Simply put, the Ukrainian national consciousness is not a gram positive. It’s filled with resentment and anger that allow you to feel better. As a result, this source of false views, gives self-destruction and the blood we are seeing in the Ukrainian cities and on the battlefields in the Donbas.”

As if confirming the words of Orlov about the development of the situation, the Ukrainian government passed a number of very strange decisions. Strange from the point of view of any reasonable person. Make no mistake: they were motivated by fear of the Ukrainian authorities who think that the country and the overall situation slip from their hands (an example of this illegal victory parade may 9). Using these measures they are trying to maintain the illusion of control to continue to cash in on.

One of them caused a lot of noise in social networks and alternative media, but was only dispassionately referred to by the French press without a hint of condemnation of what constitutes the formation of Ukraine’s digital dictatorship. Dissatisfaction with the solution expressed only by the European Federation of journalists.

The fact that Ukraine imposed a three year ban for “Yandex”, “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and which, incidentally, are among the most popular online resources among Ukrainians. VC with its 12 million Ukrainians leaves far behind Facebook, has 25 million users, “Yandex” — 11 million.

If such a decision was taken in Russia, China or North Korea, the whole world would be screaming about dictatorship, but here we are met by silence… Some even find an excuse. So, NATO felt that “it is not about infringement of freedom, and the question of national security.”

Although the French media reported about this strange decision of Poroshenko, issued the material in the Le Monde journalist, our favorite Benoit Witkin (Benoit Vitkine), for mysterious reasons, had refrained from violent attacks on critics seems to be so valued their freedom of speech, which he systematically defends when it comes to Russia. The double standards are obvious.

Their silence about the blatant violations of freedom, which is spelled out in the universal Declaration of human rights, the EU and its media finally discredit himself. The urge to cover his Ukrainian puppet leaders showed their true face. In the EU there is not a shred of democracy, it is only the cover, which is used as needed. As for the rest, here we are waiting for emptiness.
This decision may cause popular discontent (and to undermine thereby the position of Poroshenko), depriving millions of Ukrainians of the means of communication with loved ones, to show the dictatorial nature of power, and also entail a new and very serious financial losses for Ukraine, whose economy and it is experiencing not the best times.

The fact is that to provide the requested authorities complete blocking providers would have to form a “firewall” like what exists in China. This process would take two years and cost a billion dollars, according to the President of the Internet Association of Ukraine Alexander Fedenko. This is not to mention the fact that people will seek and find means of bypass (e.g., VPN).

In addition to social networks, Ukraine has banned several software like Kaspersky anti-virus and accounting software 1C, which are 80% of Ukrainian enterprises. A quick transition to the new software will be very expensive and can bankrupt the small and medium business, which didn’t go too well. In other words, this decision will only hasten the collapse of the Ukrainian economy.

Two other decisions have attracted less attention, but they are symptomatic of a clear shift of Ukraine towards dictatorship. The first was to ban the ribbons under the threat of a fine or detention. Civil marches on may 9 in Ukraine to Poroshenko became a bone in the throat and showed that Ukrainian propaganda has limits. This is the blocking of Russian Internet sites, which is designed to interfere with the Ukrainians to see the truth.

The second decision concerns the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. In its relation to the Parliament two bills had been presented. The first should give the Kiev authorities the right to appoint metropolitans and bishops. In other words, worldly power seeks to impose their political views of spiritual authority. Aside from the digital dictatorship, the country is still religious.

The second bill should create the conditions for the transition of property of Moscow Patriarchate to Kyiv. Each community of believers will have the opportunity of a simple majority to make a decision on their affiliation with a subsequent transition of the property of one of the Patriarchates. That is, the building of temples will go to the Kiev Patriarchate, which, as far as I know, is not recognized by any other Orthodox Church. Simply put, we are dealing with theft.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army is intensifying the shelling of the Donbass republics: only for the last day of the DNI was was 54 ceasefire violations.

As a result of the attacks (Spartak, Yasinovataya and Steep Beam night hit 186 artillery mortar shells) were damaged four homes and one civilian were injured. In the LC per day were injured one soldier.

Under attack proved vital infrastructure. So, the treatment plant of Donetsk was again subjected to a massive fire, which forced the staff to the shelter. While that continuous shooting does not allow them to leave the station. In Telmanovo pumping station was damaged as a result of a direct hit (this means that the fire was intentionally) that violated her work and deprived the population of water.

This strategy and disregard of the Ukrainian authorities to the people of Donbass makes the authorities of the DNI to fear Ukrainian attacks on targets on the inventory of chemical substances: this could lead to disastrous from the point of view of the environmental consequences on both sides of the front line.

Ukraine is falling apart, and its current leadership has chosen the path of war and dictatorship: it seeks even a little bit to hold on to power to the max to line their pockets. He does not care what will happen to the country then. As they say, after us the deluge! And believed in a heavenly Mirage of independence, the Ukrainian people will be in hell on the decaying part of the country.