How to make a resume better: make all three correct edits

To maximize the chances of a good job, make the proper edits to your resume. After all, how it looks depends on the first impression formed by a potential employer about the candidate.

If the “professional card” is made correctly, it is not structured and not informative, that it has too little chance to match the search queries of recruiters notes and shares his advice on how to change the situation.

1. Write several resumes for different jobs

How does the candidate search on job search sites? Let’s say a recruiter is looking for accountant. He enters the name of the desired position in the search and from the results selects a suitable candidate. If you have one summary and the post it States differently, for example, an economist or a financial Manager, it may not catch the eye of HR.

So make several resumes for different jobs. You’re an accountant, write at least three summary: accountant, economist, financial Manager. But only if you know the features of each of the professions and are willing to work in this role.

It is not necessary to combine all positions into a single summary or to add other names not related to your professional field. For example, the seller, a vet, a computer operator. And especially don’t use the wording: consider all the options work.

2. Experience is not just about the job duties

Recruiters have little interest in what the accountant on the last job processed bills and acts, the lawyer made the contract, the journalist wrote, the seller sold the goods. HR Manager is looking for is not a listing of duties from the job description, and the result achieved by the candidate over a period into one or another position. Here the principle works: “Could there, still more will we”.

Describing the record, not answer the questions: Where I worked? Who was? What did you do? Ask yourself deeper questions: What have I done useful to the company? What has been achieved?

Feel free to indicate anything you have done on this job. Give examples of your effectiveness, how much resources you have saved or how much money is brought to their activities.

Why is it important? HR looking at the website the job search is endless the tape summary. When all candidates provided almost similar information: worked there, done that, to distinguish a good specialist there is a sameness is difficult. Stand out, show your results, speak the language of facts and figures.

3. Last place of work — to the fore

The column “Experience” should begin with a description of your achievements in the last place of work or where you work now.

For example:

Personnel Director from 05.2012 to the present.

Assistant to the head of recruitment from 01.2010 to 12.2011 (1 year 11 months)

A recruiter with at 12.2009 01.2008 (1 year 11 months)

Why is it important? The recruiter looks at the recent experience of the candidates. If it meets the requirements of the vacancy, the document store in a feedback, if not — ignore.

Write several resumes for different positions, talk about your achievements at the previous place of work in the language of facts and figures, put the latest experience first and you will be happy.

And another tip: it is better to fill in the summary form, not the paste prepared, for example, in the section “Additional information”. Separate graphs tips will help you not to forget anything, and as a result you will get a summary, which will look neater and more familiar to employers.