The conspiracy behind a well-trained military-air forces of Russia

According to media reports, the annual international contest of flying skills “Aviadarts-2017” will be held in China. For participation in competition Russia will be represented by about 40 crews for advanced combat aircraft, including Tu-22M3 (NATO: Backfire).

And although the “Aviadarts” is considered to be an Olympic meeting of the military from around the world, it does not compare in popularity with “Tank biathlon”, which for several years all the forces headed by Russia. From the results of previous phases “Aviadarts” can be noted is inherent in the Russian nation a fighting spirit and the desire to outdo others. This same position was reflected in the words of the chief of the HQs of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev, said on the eve of the competition this year: “at least the first place should be behind us. Before that always took first place and have no right this year to miss this opportunity.”

Does Russia manage from year to year to take first place only because of the indomitable courage and the desire of all to beat? I’m afraid that these are the deeper reasons and goals that are difficult to Express in words.

First, in Russia still remain a strong sovereign sentiments, Russia continues to wear the halo of brave military power. In the old days the USA and USSR had almost equal military forces and compete for the arms, and then catching up with each other. However, after the collapse of the USSR in the country there was a strong downturn in the economy, military spending has significantly decreased, the enterprises of the military industry weakened and reduced production, as part of the technical staff and all immigrated. As a result, standing just a step away from the United States, Soviet military power could now only be behind, we should not put all your hopes and successor in the face of Russia. Today, although Russian and American army there is a serious gap, Russia still considers itself “exceptional” and does not want to lose pride of place “of the second world military power”.

Therefore, in the field of weapons, such as tanks and aircraft, where Russia has traditionally been leading her in recent years, with difficulty, but still manages to develop and defend their leading position. For example, for a parade in honor of Victory Day in 2015, the once “powerful” army introduced a lot of new technologies and main battle tank T-14 “Armata” — the world’s first tank to the fourth post-war generation (actually a third — approx. ed.). His appearance seemed to say to the world: “in this region we continue to be the strongest”. In the development of fourth-generation fighter T-50 (actually the fifth generation — approx. ed.), Russia has not quite succeeded. It could only open again to demonstrate his absolute superiority in the field of bombers. In the “Aviadarts-2017” Russia will bring to China the Tu-22M3, which can be equipped with a highly powerful anti-ship missile Kh-32 range start reaching 1000 kilometers, and the accuracy of hitting a blow to several meters.

Secondly, the victory of Russia at these competitions will demonstrate to its old strategic rival of the United States that its “three ones” strategic forces still occupy the leading place in the world. In fact the way it is. In addition to the most powerful and subtle of the American satellites land-based ballistic missiles “Topol-M” and “YARS”, the Russian Navy has placed a lot of nuclear submarines “Northwind”. The Russian “Borey” is superior to the American nuclear submarines type “Ohio” in almost all respects, including sound, speed and depth of immersion, mobility and endurance. Only the range launched from Russian submarines of the “Bulava” is somewhat smaller than the American “Trident-2”. However, today Russia is at a high level value more than anything the bombers of the air force. According to the London International Institute for strategic studies, Russia has 62 strategic bombers Tu-95, 16 supersonic bombers of distant radius of action with a variable sweep wing Tu-160 and 63 medium-range bombers Tu-22M. These strategic nuclear forces can be called a trump card in the hands of Putin and the strong support of Russia, boldly defying America.

Third, many analysts believe that exposing in the competition “Aeroparts-2017” a lot of these large aircraft as the Tu-22M, Russia hopes for further export. Speaking dispassionately, it should be noted that these planes have the exclusive advanced features: maximum take-off weight of 124 tons, bomb load up to 24 tons, maximum speed of horizontal flight of 2.3 according to the number M, flight range exceeds 7,000 kilometers. The feature of this aircraft is its ability to launch missile X-32 with a distance of flight up to 1000 miles.

And yet on the other hand, the design of this aircraft has not changed for many years, it is equipped with outdated electronic system and received no modern equipment, his military achievements more and more lag behind high-tech war. Not long ago the head of the Chinese air force stated that China is preparing a long-range bomber of the new generation. Although Russia and China are strategic partners, and the gap between them in the sphere of military equipment is steadily declining, in connection with which Russia can start to get nervous due to pressure.