Doctors said the best way to get rid of insomnia

Neuroscientists from northwestern University (USA) found that people seeking to achieve any important goal in life, least frequently suffer from insomnia.

Experts believe that people with high goals have far fewer sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea. Scientists believe that having goals is an effective way to get rid of sleep problems.

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In the study, scientists involved more than 800 people aged 60 to 100 years who answered questions about the duration and quality of sleep, as well as the motives of various actions in the past and plans for the future.

To improve the quality of sleep, experts recommend to give up coffee, nicotine, alcohol, junk before bed watching TV and computer work, eating heavy meals and intense physical exercise, for going to sleep is recommended at the same time.

Earlier, the cardiologists said that insomnia can increase the risk of stroke, atrial fibrillation, heart failure and other problems associated with the heart.