In the NSDC explained why three years delayed a ban on Russian social networks and websites

The national security Council and defense of Ukraine has ruled that the imposition of sanctions and blocking Russian sites, guided by prescribed legislation, the procedure for imposition of sanctions. This was stated by the head of information security of the national security Council Valentin Petrov, answering the question of why the Department has not imposed sanctions three years ago, with the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine, reports TSN.

“It’s not just: here I want to make a decision and close tomorrow. Under this (sanctions) must study,” he said.

According to Petrov, the national security Council decides on the basis of representation the subject of the representation. This entity could be the government, the security Service of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada and the President.

“In fact, the function of the security Council and the defense is purely technical – to make a decision, which is the subject of representation,” said Valentyn Petrov, while admitting that the national security Council can also be the initiator of blocking Russian sites.

Petrov added that, in his opinion, the decision on sanctions was made too late, and he still had to make three years ago.

Recall, Petro Poroshenko has put into action the decision of the Council about the ban in Ukraine a number of online resources, including popular social networks and websites as “Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki”, “IMDb”, “Yandex” and others. Under the sanctions also got famous software products of”1C”, “Kaspersky”, “”.

Only in the doghouse was already more than 450 companies and 1228 individuals, a ban will be in effect from one year to three.

So, with the introduction of sanctions headache added Ukrainian providers, which, according to the presidential decree, must provide blocking Russian sites and Russian companies declare their readiness to continue to provide the Ukrainians with their services.

In turn, the Internet Association of Ukraine has estimated how much time will it take to implement the ideas of the authorities and money.