How to buy tickets at a reasonable price

The plane is not only the fastest but also a comfortable way to travel. You just need to sit in a comfortable seat on Board the aircraft, and in just a few hours you will be covering thousands of kilometres.

If you know some tricks that the flights can become more accessible transport. The first step is to decide where to search, book and buy tickets. Do it best on sites of official representatives who not only offered to buy tickets, but also sell transportation or travel services. You can also visit portals specialized search aggregators and the websites of the airlines themselves.

When it is most advantageous to buy tickets?

If you can purchase a plane ticket in advance for a month or two months before the proposed date of departure, you can save some money. 3-4 weeks tickets will also be sold at a discount, but it will be a maximum. Note that the optimal time to buy tickets for international flights and flights within the country may vary. A lot depends on carrier’s policy and its terms.

It should also be noted that some carriers reduce the cost of tickets for their flights on the last day before departure, however, for obvious reasons, to use this loophole only if you can afford to postpone the trip if the aircraft does not remain. Remember that the price can be affected by the holiday season, holidays, weekends.

What else will help to save on ticket purchases?

It will not hurt to avail of special offers and bonus programs carriers. In addition to traditional “miles”, which are awarded to regular customers in the future changed for discounts or free flights, many airlines offer free airport transfers, discounts on hotels, Souvenirs to loyal customers.

Some companies in the period of holidays, vacation and leave running additional charters, tickets for which cost less than scheduled flights.

Is it worth to sacrifice comfort?

You can also sacrifice the comfort if the savings for you is priority. Flight hours, which is considered to be inconvenient for business flights with stopovers and long waiting time is an opportunity to save on the flight.

Of course, the lower price you will meet and the so-called low-cost companies that offer the minimum level of service, often no hot food, however, and the prices of their flights – the most attractive from a financial point of view. Of course, the security level for “cheap” flights is the same as on other flights – this company does not save money.